Wish list for Valentine’s Day 2024

Every year the month of February brings us a global ambiance of love. You can’t avoid the red hearts everywhere and you feel the love in the air. Self-love or girls love is celebrating during Galantine’s day on February 13. The next day the lovers celebrate Valentine’s Day. Today hearts are everywhere in jewelry because its a hot trend this year. For me a heart is timeless and universal symbol of all kinds of love. I am so happy to unveil my curation of heart-shaped jewels from jewelry designers from around the world with precious materials. Welcome to my heart tour and let’s discover the beautiful jewels.

Influenced by the tremendous sentimental value of her pendants, Aurelia Demark launched her jewelry brand that cherishes the idea of wearable heirlooms that are a delight to wear. Aurelia loves to work closely with clients in creating special modern heirlooms with beautiful hand engravings.  Every piece has a story to tell. The collections and pieces that followed are equally personal to Aurelia and resonate with her aesthetic of femininity and whimsical motifs. Demark’s pieces show her ability to bring new concepts that work beautifully within jewelry, each carrying a warm modernism the brand has become known for and are a delight to wear. Each Aurelia Demark piece is carefully hand crafted from 18-karat gold, precious and semi-precious stones in the diamond district of New York. The hand engraving is done by a team of highly skilled artisans who have mastered the age old skill.

Greek jewelry designer Christina Alexiou has a soft spot for hearts. Her collection offers a range of heart jewelry from protective charms to bracelets with moving heart-shaped stones to fabulous sculptural rings that will make you fall in love. A former fashion editor and art director of nightclubs, Christina’s pieces evoke a vivid sense of feeling that is playful and chic. Being an admirer of ethnic jewelry and their significance in expressing individual and cultural identity, her jewels are meant to not only decorate but also emanate the wearer’s individuality and unique emotional world. Thus, the heart symbol is so important for Christina Alexiou because it represents the self as well as the protective power of love. Her exquisite heart charms are like amulets, handcrafted in bold scale and finished with a rich texture to create a tactile sensation that is soothing and meditative. For her gem-set jewels, she goes for stones with charming inclusions that infuse each piece with a sense of character that adds to the one-of-a-kind allure of her creations. Soulful and sophisticated, Christina Alexiou jewels evoke a whimsical elegance that speaks from the heart, making them the perfect tokens of your affection.

Kalsedon Istanbul is specialized of chalcedony.  This beautiful a derivative of quartz (SIO 2) with a microcrystalline texture still holds an important place in the antique jewelry of the world. This soft blue gem played an important role in Mesopotamian, Hittite, Egyptian, Hellenistic, and Roman cultures.  Chalcedony takes its name from the Kadiköy district, which was called Chalcedon at the time. Today, chalcedony is still one of the most beloved decorative stones and a popular mineral used in all kinds of men’s and women’s jewelry.  Because chalcedony is in lump form, it is suitable for any processing and is higher than other chalcedony mined around the world in characteristics such as color and clarity. Kalsedon Istanbul, offers the vast array of Chalcedony jewelry in a boutique located next to the Hagia Sophia Mosque in Istanbul. Bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings with bleu chalcedony will bring softness and calm to any wearer. Blue heart is so beautiful set in silver or gold so you need to choose which version is better for you. All jewels can be purchase also online and Kalsedon offer worldwide delivery.

Mocielli Jewellery, based in London, is inspired by feminine archetypes ingrained deep in our beings and strives to be a precious reminder of the virtues and strengths we carry within. Falling in love with life is the core of Mocielli’s philosophy. The Brave Heart locket was design to make you remember to follow your heart. Rational decision-making is important but a bit overrated. Listening carefully to our intuition and soul guidance can get us much closer to happiness and fulfillment. This Heart Locket was inspired by the pendant Malgorzata Mozolewska, founder and creative director of Mocielli, received form my grandma long time ago. It can be engraved inside with personal message.

Welcome to the world of Asia Ingalls – a heavenly place where the wonders of the universe are translated into jewelry. Inspired by outer space and the celestial world, painter-turned-jeweler, Asia, aims to bring these elements of magic and mystery to her handcrafted pieces. Asia began her artistic journey as a painter, focusing on the curious and infinite nature of the night sky. She later discovered that she was drawn to the sentimentality of jewelry in that it has the power to spread love, and in turn, elevate people. With this, she shifted her artistic vision to her jewelry designs, carrying her themes of appreciation for the universe. With another inspiring and magical force, love, Asia hopes her pieces lift your spirits, spark joy and encourage you to follow your heart. Her rings, cuffs and pendants are all carefully handcrafted and reflect her fascination with both the natural and celestial worlds.

Myrto  Anastasopoulou creates expressive pieces of jewelry, designs that celebrate freedom and fluidity. Born and raised in Greece, she spent her childhood soaking up its light, its wild sea landscapes and the spirit of its people. This sense of light and freedom is impressed within the fabric of her design. Her approach to jewelry is very personal and artistic. As a dedicated designer- maker, she draws much inspiration from her raw materials. The carving wax for model making, gold, precious stones, they all beget a story that is yearning to unfold. In 2024 Myrto created the Lucky Charm as a heart, the universal symbol of love. There is no greater force in the world than the power of love. The heart has been carved out of a pinkish brown, glimmering, Moonstone. This shade of the moonstone has a loving energy that supports the heart and balances our emotional bodies. Wearing Moonstone jewelry, the stone of intuition and insight, helps us to tap into the nurturing and compassionate aspects of our nature. Love, kindness and empathy hold the transformative power of healing anything.

Irene Lummertz is based in Palm Beach and she is specialized in colored gemstones sourced in Brazil. Her handcrafted fine jewels are set in 18k gold. Her love of natural gemstones was inherited from her father, a gemologist in Brazil. Irene develops dazzling jewelry using unique combinations of gemstones like natural Citrine, Aquamarine, Rose quart or Topaz in varying shapes and colors. Gemstones are her passion and the core of her design. Heart studs or bold earring worn in two ways, the colored gemstones in heart-cut are beautiful manifestation of love. Beaded band with beaded heart charm is perfect stackable piece to wear every day.

Treat yourself; spoil your love one or even both and I hope you will find a perfect heart for you and your love. Don’t forget that you are precious my sweetheart!