Mademoiselle Anne 

Today I present to you a brand of watches created by Anne Gillen-Frachebois, designer in watchmaking and graphic designer. After creating watches for others, this young woman from Franche-Comté wanted to create a watch for children. We all remember our first watch. The feeling of pride in knowing how to use a watch accompanies every child. Growing up this watch takes a sentimental place and we keep it as the memory of a small feat that brought us closer to adult life. A mother of two, Anne understands the difficulty of learning to read the time to the little ones who often have trouble understanding how it works. Parents know that children do not have a precise notion of time apart from perhaps the time to taste or the time of sleep. In addition, on this window of watches for children made in France, there is not much competition so “My first watch” is a real success since its launch.

Ma 1ère montre © Mademoiselle Anne

But how to learn the time to the little ones? Anne had the great idea of combining needles with animals. To explain that the seconds pass faster than the minutes and even faster than the hours, the designer has imagined an animal race around a tree. On the dial of “My first watch” there are three animals: the turtle, the sheep and the rabbit. The children get to know Sam rabbit, Marcelin sheep and Hectorine turtle around a booklet that is distributed with the watch at a price of 89 euro. Sam is associated with the seconds because he runs very fast, Marcelin stays on the minute hands, because he is fast and Hectorine who is the slowest indicates the hours well. A playful and universal way makes reading the time simply a breeze.

Ma 1ère montre Verte + le livre © Mademoiselle Anne

This educational watch is made of a steel case and a genuine leather strap available in different colors: pink, green, blue and black. It is made in France and guaranteed 2 years. Anne chose to produce in a watchmaking region and wanted to surround herself with local partners. The desire to create in small series, while keeping the French quality, was at the origin of the foundation of his company. This educational concept at fairly affordable price is also possible through online distribution and for now some regional resellers. The designer is already preparing a new concept to expand its range of beautiful watches. So, if you’re looking for a way to teach your toddler how to use a watch, you’ll know Mademoiselle Anne, who guarantees 100% success in learning the time.