Back to IJS April 2024

Step into a world where craftsmanship intertwines with technology, where the sparkle of gems reflects not just light, but also the stories of centuries. Such is the allure of the Istanbul Jewelry Show (IJS), a captivating event that recently unfolded from April 17th to 20th, 2024. Istanbul Jewelry Show invited us to explore the past, present, and future of the jewelry industry. Today I embark you on this journey to uncover the transformative power of IJS, where tradition meets innovation, and where the glimmer of hope for a sustainable future shines bright.

During last edition Istanbul Jewelry Show dazzled attendees with over 1,500 brands from 16 countries.  For the first time in April this year, was followed by more than 30,000 industry professionals for four days, from Wednesday to Saturday. 41% of visitors came from abroad. Compared to its March 2023 counterpart, IJS April 2024 saw an 8% increase in international visitors, with remarkable surges from Far Asian (180%), Northern European (68%), Central Asian (64%), Southeast Asian (63%), Pacific (47%), North Asian (32%), and Southern European countries (30%). This growth solidifies IJS as a premier global destination for the jewelry industry.


Under the modern tulip figure symbolizing the IJS brand and Istanbul, the sparkle of jewelry took center stage at the exhibition. On April 17th, during the launch event moderated by historian Pelin Batu, the show unveiled its new name and logo. During the presentation of  “The Journey Of Jewelry,” Pelin Batu showcased the historical impact and illustrated how jewels from Anatolia, have shaped global events.  Founding Partner Şermin Cengiz expressed inspiration from the historical journey of jewelry, emphasizing IJS’s commitment to transformation and growth. She highlighted the show’s role in illuminating the jewelry industry, marking a significant turning point and a new beginning.


At the heart of IJS’s mission is the recognition of its dual role as both a trade platform and a cultural catalyst. Every time, one of my obligatory stop is a visit at Designer Club, a joint project of the Jewelery Exporters Association and IJS. It’s not only the showcase of the latest designs and innovations but also celebration of the creativity and craftsmanship of jewelry artisans. I am always so happy to discover the local and international jewelry designers and jewelry masters. They have great the opportunity to introduce theirs novelties at a special stand in the area reserved for them.


The “Art for Jewelry: Inspiration Hub” event, supported by the Jewellery Exporters’ Association and IJS, played a significant role in nurturing creativity and artistic expression. This time I stumbled upon the captivating works of Emre Namyeter, showcased at Art for Jewelry. The brilliant duo behind this event, Aylin Gözen and Öznur Yakim, brought such enchanting pieces that offering us a glimpse into pure magic. Multidisciplinary approach of Namyeter explores the interplay between perception and art, resulting in hypnotic paintings, was undoubtedly the highlight of this edition.


WGSN’s presentation at IJS provided crucial insights into the jewelry industry’s future direction, emphasizing sustainability and artificial intelligence. Attendees gained a roadmap for navigating evolving trends. The “Jewelry Women and Sustainability” panel highlighted the growing influence of female entrepreneurs in fostering sustainability, indicating a move towards a more inclusive and socially responsible industry.


The 14th International Jewellery Design Competition, themed “Reborn,” concluded with a grand ceremony on April 19th. A total of 409 designs from around the world competed for awards. Yasemin Ladin Subaşı won first prize with “Neomenia,” receiving $6000; İbrahim Burak Ünal won second prize with “The Code of Existence,” receiving $4000; and Eylül Candoğan won third prize with “Water Nymph,” receiving $2500 and an Azur award.

I am looking ahead to the next edition of IJS, scheduled for October 2-5, 2024. So book your trip to Istanbul for 56th edition of Istanbul Jewelry show. Don’t miss one of the premier events in the global jewelry industry, showcasing not only the latest trends and innovations but also serving as a platform for discussions on the future direction of the sector.