The renewal of national watchmaking can perfectly withstand our Swiss neighbors to succeed in this highly competitive market. The proof with a legend that comes back in his country of origin … it is obviously the brand of French watchmaking, Lip. This vintage poster proves the reputation that the brand has enjoyed with its customers.

During my last visit to Besançon, I had the pleasure to visit the workshop where these watches are made with the hallmark Besançon-France. Lip was founded in 1867 by Emmanuel Lipmann in Besançon and is part of the historical heritage. Men who have made history have worn the Lip watch on their wrists, for exemple: Presidents De Gaulle or Churchill. Lip is a prestigious brand of watches that has been innovating throughout its existence either by the first electronic movement, the waterproof watch 200 m in automatic or by the internal mobile bezel. Through its collaboration with designers from other fields, Lip was the first watchmaker launched this trend.

This express renaissance to revive French watchmaking has aroused strong emotions in the region as well as in the manufacturing workshop. I have seen this through my exchanges with men and women who are proud to assemble Lip watches. These watchmakers are about to write a new chapter in Lip’s story. But all this would not be possible without the company SMB and the will of Philippe Berard to revive this symbol beyond the Franche-Comté region. It focuses on local design, distributionto watch retailers-jewelers with prices between 200 and 500 euros for quartz or automatic models. The new models are inspired by vintage design brought up to date. Since the aesthetic of the 50s is back in fashion, these models will easily find new fans among the fashionistas of today.

So for your next purchase of watches, ladies and gentlemen, think of the three letters (LIP) to support French watchmaking and those who have made the choice to work here and make people work here. The quality watch with trendy design, competitive price and especially “made in France” will be an ideal gift.