Made in Piemonte – Valenza

In early December 2019, I was invited to Valenza in Italy, for a conference “Luxury” Made in Piemonte “A jewel of sustainabillty in the digital era”. A very interesting subject for a native digital enthusiast of jewelry like me. So how was this visit to the Piedmont region?

In Italy there are three “golden capitals”: Arezzo, Vicenza and Valenza which I had the pleasure of visiting. Valenza is one of the most important centers in the Italian and international jewelry sector at the same time. This city is located in Piedmont, in the northwest of Italy. It is a region bordering with Switzerland and France, the capital of which is Turin. Known as a city of gold, it is a center for the manufacture and marketing of high-end jewelry and goldsmith’s items. Brands like Bulgari, Damiani or Pasquale Bruni have their manufacturing workshops in Valenza. To train the next generation of jewelers, the city can count on the For.Al jewelry school. With the precious support of companies present in the region, future jewelers learn traditional techniques and develop research and innovation.

On December 10, 2019 I participated in the conference organized in a beautiful place, the city theater which is in the center of Valenza. The Chamber of Commerce and the Piedmont region were at the origin of this event. The issue of sustainability and digital transformation were the main topics discussed at Valenza. Francesca Marino of CIBJO spoke about “Blue Book”, codes of ethics and new technologies in precious metals. Azzura Cesari of the Assogemme association presented the project of responsible sourcing of gems like rubies and sapphires in the Mogok region. The challenge of transparency in the taming chain is still very difficult but essential today. The players of eCommerce as Alibaba and LuisaviaRoma have shared their experiences in the online sales of luxury goods and in particular jewelry. Today many people are asking the question if it is possible to sell jewelry onligne, while pure players bet on volumes to offer more attractive prices and a wider offer, and thus quickly gain market share.

The next day, our delegation of international journalists was invited to visit the manufacturing workshops in Valenza. In the morning the company Lenti & Villasco opened their doors to us. They showed us the stages of manufacturing their products as well as some finished parts.

We spent the afternoon in the Pasquale Bruni factory. Creative director Eugenia Bruni told us about her inspirations for the next collection.

I did not know this city before and I was delighted to discover this very important region on the international scene. “Made in Piemonte” is still little known. With more promotion and communication, it might become a brand to be considered in the jewelry sector because they have everything to write succesful story and challenge the others golden city in Italy.