Lookrecya Dream Jewelry

I am very happy to introduice to you the universe of Patrycja who launched the fine jewelry brand Lookrecya more than ten years ago. Trained in Cravovie and based in Copenhagen, the Polish designer imagines feminine and fairy jewelry for the princesses of today. Be welcome to the magical world of Lookreya.

To understand the universe of this brand, let’s take a look at its name for a moment. Lookrecya is derived from an older female given name, Lucrezia, and written in a stylized and modern way to draw attention to the word “Look” . The first Lucretia was a former princess – a beautiful and courageous wife and artist who died to defend her good name.

Patrycja’s jewelry is like that because it speaks of the femininity of yesterday and today. It is unabashed femininity, which refuses to give up its traditional attributes – colors, flowers and lace, to be treated on an equal basis with masculinity. The creations for modern princesses are their tiny treasures and their ultra-feminine talisman.

The designer has always been interested in jewelry. Despite initially choosing a career in science, she has always collected jewels during her many travels. Visits to flea markets or antique shops, Patrycja familiarized herself with antique jewelry by learning the history of jewelry. Her childhood dream of creating jewelry came true on her birthday. She treated herself to a set of tools for working with jewelry and was given an offer to learn how to do it under the eye of an experienced jeweler. During this beautiful experience she learned the traditional and modern techniques of jewelry.

Her eclectic style has established itself over time. Her two inexhaustible sources of inspiration are nature and art. Nature in the broadest sense of the word – its colors, rhythms, vibrations, organic textures and botanical patterns, as well as natural stones in all the colors of the rainbow. She likes to watch how nature inspires great painters and masters of art nouveau. She agrees with David Hockney who said, “Nature never gets boring, only the way it’s portrayed can get boring.” This motivates us to constantly seek inspiration, technical solutions and unique stones. Her clients inspire her on a daily basis. A woman looking for something special for herself or a man looking for a way to give joy and surprise to loved ones. Then a small symbol or the smallest detail can help Patrycja create a unique piece that tells a wonderful story.

In her work, she uses the most traditional goldsmith techniques. Every detail is created by hand. Then each element finds its place in the design, which is created like a traditional painting or lace from Koniaków, that is, step by step. Gardens or bouquets of flowers are formed by hand with tiny leaves and filigree elements. In Lookrecya jewelry every detail counts.

She does not use casts or 3D design programs. This is partly due to the use of unique stones and a certain way of working with the client who is participating in the project at all times. It is a living process where every step counts. Important and cherished intentions or stories for its clients are often translated into metal accompanied by precious stones like tourmalines, sapphires or diamonds. Patrycja chooses only beautiful natural gems for their unusual colors or sizes. She knows how to bring out all the beauty of a stone by setting it preciously.

If you want to acquire a unique piece of jewelry made to only for you, Patrycja will accompany you on this adventure which will be pure pleasure. As the festive season approach and especially this year, we need a little bit of magic so discover the world of Lookrecya and crush for the pieces available at e-shop of lookrecyadreamjewelry.com