Jewels for kids

May has arrived with lily of the valley and sunny weather. In the Christian tradition, this month is associated with the time of religious celebrations such as baptisms and communions. Family gatherings where children are the center of attention for being spoiled by their relatives. But ceremonies like circumcision, bar mitzvah, the transition to adolescence or the majority and all important events are also ideal opportunities to provide a lasting gift to children or adolescents

Emilie porte deux bracelets et le pendentif (collection Petit Prince, Monnaie de Paris)

If you are looking for a gift for a child, of course I advise you to offer a jewel. I clearly remember my baptism medallion offered by my sponsor. I still wear the earrings, I had for my communion from my godmother. I think this is a great time to start a “jewel box” especially for a young girl, she can always supplement in future occasions.

Partricia porte la bague, les boucles d’oreilles et le pendentif (Le manège à bijoux)

To not be mistaken in the choice of jewelry, I will opt for gold or silver to avoid the risk of allergy. Precious metals are also better preserved in time. To mark the birth, I will choose a necklace or a bracelet. For religious celebrations, if you have the chance to be the godfather or godmother, opt for a medallion with a religious symbol. For a birthday, you can throw your sights on a gift with a birthstone. Children are attracted to shapes and colors. Little girls love to look like princesses and fond of jewelery such as rings or earrings. As for the boys, the choice of jewelry will instead for a bracelet or necklace.

Emilie porte le pendentif (Le manège à bijoux)

Olivier porte le bracelet et le pendentif ( collection Petit Prince, Monnaie de Paris)

To illustrate this article, I have had the pleasure of organizing my first photo shooting. Thanks to the parents of Olivier and the parents of Patricia and Emilie have lent their darlings. I admit that the kids had loaned to the game and have become models during the time of our shooting. Thanks to my partner in crime and photographer, Raphael Hofman, who took these photos, I can show the result of our work. I hope you will find inspiration for gift for your loved little one or teenager darling.

Emilie porte le pendentif ( Arthus-Bertrand)

Patricia porte le peigne (collection Horetnse, Dear Charoltte), les boucles d’oreilles (Le manège à bijoux) et le pendentif (Arthus-Bertrand)

Olivier porte le pendentif et le bracelet (collection Petit Prince, Monnaie de Paris)

Emilie porte la barrette et le peigne (Collection Hortense, Dear Charlotte)

Emilie porte le pendentif ( Le manège à bijoux)

Patricia porte le pendentif (Le Manège à bijoux) et la barrette (collection Hortense, Dear Charlotte)