Franziska Traub

For the second consecutive time, Aneta Blaszczak, the editor-in-chief of, was honored to contribute her expertise as a member of the jury for Gemworld’s Young Designer Corner.  Today, she unveils the public’s choice winner, “Don’t Give Up Charlie Brown” by the talented Franziska Traub. In an exclusive interview, we explore the brilliance behind this rising star and young gemcutter’s winning creation.

Aneta Blaszczak, the editor-in-chief of with Franziska Traub at Gemworld

Aneta Blaszczak: Can you tell me a bit more about you and how and why did you start your activity in gem cutting?

Franziska Traub: I was growing up in a small village near Worms. For a few years, I was clueless about what I wanted to do in life. I have tried out a variety of jobs till I found this one. Before I started this job I didn’t even know that gemstone-cutting was a thing here in Germany. Then I met my boyfriend who is a gemstone cutter He told me about his job and I immediately wanted du check it out. I did an internship where he works and instantly fell in love with this job. I was told by multiple people from different companies that I am extremely talented and this motivated me even more. So I moved there a few days later and started at the company I currently work for.

AB: What is your favorite cut and gemstone?

FT:My favorite gemstone is the Alexandrite. Their look is just magical.
I love fancy cuts because I love to improvise and see where it leads me.

AB: Do you have any gem cutters who inspired you in your journey?

FT: I look up to my instructor and my boyfriend because they are both insanely good at their job. Someday I want to be better than them.

AB: Tell us more about your piece in completion for Young Designer Corner at Gemworld 2023.

FT: My Peace was one of my experiments. I have had something specific in my mind and was wondering why nobody has tried it yet this way. So o did and this wonderful piece came out of it.

Don’t Give Up Charlie Brown” by Franziska Traub
Don’t Give Up Charlie Brown” by Franziska Traub
Don’t Give Up Charlie Brown” by Franziska Traub

AB: How was this first experience at the tradeshow for you?

FT: My first experience at the show was wonderful. I met a lot of wonderful people and even made some new friends. I have seen so many cool stones and amazingly beautiful jewelry. I really look forward to visiting again. And I have to say that it was a very nice chance to make a few steps forward toward my future plans.

AB: What will be the next steps to develop your activity in the future?

FT: In the future, I plan to offer curses fur cutting in my own little workshop and work from home so i can still Experiment with new cuts and create special stones.