John Rubel

Today I present the french brand of high jewelry, John Rubel. In September 2015 I attended the presentation of the new collection “Vie de Bohème” in Paris. This is the story of a “sleeping beauty” who is celebrating her 100th birthday this year, a rebirth of a saga of the Rubel family: Robert, Jean, Marcel and Sophie. The talented men who arrived in Paris and then went back to live their “american dream”. But it is in Paris that John Rubel finds all its former splendor. Before introducing you to new products, let’s discover the history of jewelery that made its era vibrate with the elegance and delicacy of its creations.

Bague BLEU CARMEN or blanc, diamants et saphirs, dont la pierre centrale d’origine Ceylan fait 12.74 carats

It all started in 1915 when the Rubel family arrived from Hungary where they already had a jewelery shop. The brothers, Jean and Robert settle at 22, rue Vivienne in Paris. Their quality of work is remarkable and their workshop becomes unavoidable for the big houses of the place Vendôme. They do not just work for others but very quickly start making their own creations. Their jewelry is recognizable thanks to their style and signature that is so emblematic of these crazy years.

In 1939 the brothers take off, go to New York and they entrust their Paris studio to young Marcel Rubel. Van Cleef, who recently moved to the United States, is looking for a shock team: Rubel Brothers with Robert and Jean who became John. The following year John draws the dancer clip that becomes Van Cleef’s famous ballerina. In 1943 the success was such that John Rubel opened his first shop at 777 Fifth Avenue.

Rubel jewels with beautiful rubies, sapphires, diamonds or turquoises are worn by the stars of the time. The business grew and in 1946 they opened a second shop in Palm Beach and a corner at Saks. Despite the success, Robert and John made the decision to return to Paris in 1950. Their Parisian workshop closed during the war. Marcel Rubel is moving towards diamond trading. The story of John Rubel is written forever.

Then in 2012 in the house of his grandfather Marcel, Sophie Mizrahi-Rubel discovers a trunk full of drawings of his great grand-uncles. So it’s time to write a new chapter in John Rubel’s story.

Le collier MISTINGUETT est en or gris, diamants, émeraudes, rubis et perles Akoya

With the few pieces unveiled recently in Paris, I’m sure this story will be as beautiful as the one I just told you. Beautiful stones, floral inspirations or winks to Art Deco, in short everything I love most about jewelery. Finally, here are my favorites of the new collection of John Rubel

Bague LA DIVINE , or blanc, diamants, perles de rubis et rubis central (origine Mozambique), 4.22 carats

Boucle d’oreille MISTINGUETT, or gris, diamants, émeraudes, rubis et perles Akoya

Bague JOLIE MOME, bague en or gris et pavage diamants, centre saphir rose de 4.14 carats entouré de diamants noirs