“Vibrant Sicily” or the Dolce Vita by Frey Wille

This week I was invited by the Viennese house, Frey Wille. There is no better than their colorful creations with enamel to overcome the Parisian grisaille. In lack of sun, I was subjugated by the new collection “Vibrant Sicily”. One way in Sicily to enjoy the Dolce Vita, I say a big yes and without any hesitation!

For this collection the inspiration was drawn from Italian folklore and especially from “Caretto Siciliano”. These famous two-wheeled horse-drawn carriages were a means of transport in the 19th century in Sicily. Sculpted and painted, they carried spices or ice-creams. The painters specialized in their decoration passed on their knowledge from one generation to the next. Today these chariots are an authentic Sicilian heritage and are used in processions and parades.

The new creations inspired by this Italian art, take up the typical colors of Sicily: red, blue, yellow or white. The original motifs on “Carettos” such as flowers, sunbeams or circles have been taken over and reinterpreted by the artists of the Austrian house for this new collection. The cuffs, the fine bracelets, the rings, the pendants and the watches, all these creations carry us in a picturesque Italian decoration. Made with care in precious materials, by artisans of the Austrian house, these novelties make us vibrate with their bright and cheerful colors.

Pure joy to wear everyday that brings us back a little sun of Sicily in this autumnal period. As you have understood, in great addicte colors, I am completely conquered by this collection. And do you want Frey Wille’s “Vibrant Sicily”?