De Beers: Forces of Nature

During Paris Haute Couture Week, De Beers Jewellers unveiled “Forces of Nature,” a high jewellery collection that celebrates the beauty and magnetism of the animal kingdom. Fifty-eight unique pieces were presented through eight parures, each dedicated to the emblematic creatures of southern Africa, a region dear to the Maison. Are you ready to join me on a precious trip to Africa?

Rich in symbolism, spirituality, and storytelling, “Forces of Nature” draws inspiration from the deep connection between the Maison and southern Africa, the source of its diamonds. With bold designs, the creations explore the magical power shared by animals and jewels. These timeless, modern pieces highlight a selection of exceptional diamonds in a variety of shapes and colors, presented both rough and polished. The “Forces of Nature” collection includes four diamonds from De Beers’ “Natural Works of Art” collection, some of the rarest gems ever discovered.

De Beers Jewellers’ diamond expertise is fully showcased through eight jacket rings and crowns. Highlighting majestic solitaires chosen for their beauty and unique character, these rings become an artistic ode to animals. The “Forces of Nature” collection, the most extensive to date, explores the distinctive traits of eight iconic creatures. Comprising timeless earrings and necklaces, spectacular cuffs and cocktail rings, as well as cufflinks, brooches, and headpieces, this sculptural collection comes to life through refined details. The jewels combines different diamond cuts, colors, textures, and setting techniques to capture the diversity of the natural world.

The numerous creations in the collection incorporate subtle details evoking the distinctive patterns of animals, and some pieces are transformable with removable elements. Each parure highlights a particular aspect of an animal, using diamond cuts to represent its unique characteristics.

The buffalo embodies stability with its powerful and unwavering presence, reflected through semi-pyramidal rough brown diamonds juxtaposed with pavé diamonds adorning the horns.

The elephant, symbolizing tenderness, is expressed through a delicate combination of heart, pear, and oval-shaped diamonds, with intertwined trunks and pink diamonds representing eternal love.

The giraffe represents dignity, illustrated by elegant V-shaped silhouettes adorned with earth-toned rough diamonds and openwork details reminiscent of its pattern.

The grand kudu’s spiraling horns symbolize spirituality, gracefully connecting earth and sky, and embracing ethereal cushion-cut gray and white diamonds.

The leopard signifies magnetism, represented by marquise-cut diamonds echoing the animal’s hypnotic gaze, with olive-green diamonds chosen to recreate its enchanting eyes.

The lion embodies protection, with voluminous manes of gold beads surrounding trilliant-cut and yellow diamonds.

The rhinoceros evokes fortitude, its resilience represented by angular titanium patterns enhancing shield and pear-shaped diamonds.

Finally, the zebra symbolizes individuality, a quality showcased through black lacquer and diamonds.