The World of Nobuko Ishikawa

In June 2015 I participated at the opening of the exhibition “The World of Nobuko Ishikawa” at the French Museum of playing cards in Issy-les-Moulineaux. Moreover, the mayor, Mr. André Santini is a true fan of Asia and Mrs. Ishikawa is from the city of Ishikawa, a town twinned with that of Issy-lès-Moulineaux. Since her death in 2012, Yoshie Ishikawa, the sister of the designer, has taken over the business. With this exhibition that pays tribute to this jeweler, the organizers wish to make known to the French public what is the best in Japanese high jewelery.

Nobuko Ishikawa began designing jewelry in 1960. A graduate of Tokyo Fine Arts, she founded her own company with her husband in 1970. The landscapes she could admire during her trip to Orient Express turned into precious jewels. The most beautiful castles, cathedrals and French palaces as well as the European historical monuments inspired its jewelery creation. From Paris to Venice, En route to the Indies, Dream of the Orient or La Santa Maria leaving the port, these pins make us travel here and elsewhere.

Greek mythology has been a great source of inspiration and characters such as Athena, Odysseus, Artemis, Pegasus, Helios appear through these jewels. The four Japanese seasons as well as the Chinese motifs have also been a source of influence in her luxury jewelry. The floral motifs are well represented in the exposed jewelry. Nobuko used gold and platinum, which she often mixed with precious stones such as aquamarines, green tourmaline, emeralds, rubies, lapis lazuli, alexandrites and pearls.

During the exhibition, the organizers have planned the workshop of chasing , professionals will guide you in the manufacture of a jewel and you can leave with your unique creation.