Deanna Hamro

Deanna Hamro is one of my favorites artists. I dicovered her on Instagram. So when I learned that she was coming to Paris, I wanted to meet her to see her latest creations. What I like in her jewelry is the mix of bright colors and the choice of beautiful stones: opals, morganites, chrysoprases, tourmalines, sapphires end … in short, everything I particularly like. The rings, the necklaces or the earrings with imposing forms with a touch of avant-garde do not leave me indifferent

Bague, opales © Bliss from Paris

Bague, opale, diamants © Bliss from Paris

Deanna grew up in Southern California. She started modeling early enough, which allowed her to travel and live in Europe for a while. She was able to parade and rub shoulders with the greatest French couturiers. Upon her return to Los Angeles, she embarked on costume jewelry. She worked the technique of paving and used golden brass. However, while meeting customer success, the desire to express otherwise pushed her to position herself in luxury jewelry. Her good taste and her obsession to find rare and unusual stones, helped her in the design of her creations.

Boucles d’oreilles, opales, diamants © Bliss from Paris

Broche, kunzites, béryls vert,emeraudes, saphirs © Bliss from Paris

For her jewelery brand, Deanna Hamro found the workshop that fulfills her most daring dreams. His creations are handmade in Los Angeles. Deanna finds her inspiration in the unusual beauty and organic form of a stone and from there she imagines the whole jewel. Colored diamonds, opals, emeralds, corals or pearls, are highlighted in gold or silver for unique creations.

Bague, opale, diamants © Bliss from Paris

Bracelets, or jaune, or rose, diamants, opale, saphirs © Bliss from Paris

Boucles d’oreilles, spinels, rubis, diamants © Bliss from Paris

The OnlyOne collection represents beautiful unique pieces, the OnlyOne Minis collection offers beautiful pieces in mini version and the Classic collection is composed of more classic jewelry but very chic to wear everyday. His jewelry is sold for the moment only in the United States. For the first time, Deanna will participate in the most important American Couture event in Las Vegas in late May 2015.

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