The motif of wheat in high jewelry

The full period of the harvest, today I focus on the representation of wheat into high jewelry. During the haute couture week in early July in Paris, three French houses of fine jewelry: Chanel, Boucheron and Chaumet presented their interpretations of wheat in the new collections. Return on this precious, generous, brilliant and gorgeous harvest.


Collier “Fête des Moissons” de Chanel,or blanc et jaune, diamant fancy intense yellow, diamants multicolores, diamants jaunes ©

Wheat had always been a happy childhood symbols of Gabrielle Chanel. For the father of Gabrielle Chanel wheat was a symbol of good, good. Gabrielle has made it one of his lucky charms. Natural, wood, bronze or painted by his friend Dalí, wheat is present in all its forms in the apartment in the rue Cambon, in the Suite of the Ritz or at his home in La Pausa. The High Jewellery collection “Les Bles CHANEL” famous for the first time this fundamental element of Gabrielle Chanel’s universe, eternal symbol of new beginning, abundance, luck, prosperity and continuous creativity. The collection follows the life cycle of wheat with 62 pieces of High Jewelry.

Bracelet “Moisson de Perles” de Chanel, en or blanc 18K , diamants, perles de culture du Japon ©

Boucles d’oreilles “Brins de Printemps” de Chanel, or blanc,péridots, péridots,tourmalines vertes,aigues-marines, diamants ©

The sets “First Strands,” “Sprigs of Spring” and “Strands of Diamonds” pay homage to wheat grass and evoke the early spring. Diamonds, crystals and marine-acute Peridot play with transparencies as many young ears.

The harvests are evoked through the variations of jewelry “Harvest Sunlight,” “Bouquet of Harvest” and “Pearl Harvest” where diamonds, yellow sapphires and pearls bask in the warm rays of summer sun.

“Harvest Festival” famous for its crown of braided corn. At the heart of a rectangular yellow diamond necklace canted illuminates a bouquet of ears set with colored diamonds, yellow diamonds and white diamonds.

“Wheat Field”, “Printing Wheat” and “Wheat Infini” offer many variations on the theme of wheat reinventing the pattern as a valuable and glitter motif. These are the corn in June that appear when the spike blooms. Wheats early summer are discussed in a series of jewelry “Wheat Field” more abstract. Mounted on yellow gold or white gold, diamonds are entangled in a network of foliage.

With this collection wheat is a lavish entry in the Haute Joaillerie CHANEL and pays tribute to one of the most personal Gabrielle Chanel symbols.

Boucles d’oreilles “Moisson d’Or” de Chanel, or blanc et jaune,saphirs jaunes, diamants ©

Bracelet “Impression de Blé” de Chanel, or blanc et jaune ,diamants, diamants fancy intense/vivid yellow, diamants multicolores ©


Collier “Blé d’été” de Boucheron, or blanc, diamants ©

The House of Boucheron has always inspired by nature. In last collection of high jewelry behind “26 Vendôme” the theme of nature is back. Nature Triumphant is the jewelery reinterpretation of all powerful nature. Artisans have met the challenges of a radiant summer wheat. Jeweler of the 26th Vendôme, manages to represent this wonderful and fleeting impression of a nature taken from life. The collection “Summer Wheat” is composed of a bracelet, a ring and a necklace in white gold and diamonds. With this auspicious sign Boucheron revisits the question mark necklace, a classic of the House imagined for the first time in 1889. Around the neck of wheat strands seem alive; they seem to sway in the wind. They evoke the late harvest of the last days of summer, and the nights short of money, when the wheat fields are lined with diamonds in the moonlight. A bracelet and a ring complete an iconic and generous adornment.

Bracelet “Blé d’été” de Boucheron, or blanc, diamants ©


Bague “Moisson de sous le vent” de Chaumet, or jaune, diamants ©

Chaumet unveiled the new High Jewellery collection: “The Nature of Chaumet” This collection is an ode to the wild, graceful, lively and generous with a touch of sophistication that nature demonstrates expertise of Chaumet. Attribute of Ceres, fertility promise motif of the Empress Josephine, wheat occupies an important place. in the table “the ear of wheat Chaumet” we find the pieces with names like “summer Offerings”, “fields of light” and “Harvest leeward.” The ears of wheat swept by the wind provide a valuable generosity with diamond ornaments. Sheaves of corn just picked with walls and seeds ready to hatch, the fields of was after the abundant harvest or heated and golden ears by the summer, all the emotion of nature is transmitted to perfection. The yellow gold and white gold sublimate marquise-shaped diamonds or pears in beautiful rings, brooches, necklace and tiara. Padparadscha sapphires add a touch of sweetness, light and glamor in a cuff bracelet, a pair of earrings and a ring.

Broche “Moisson sous le vent” de Chaumet, or jaune, diamants ©

The theme of wheat in jewelry is not the easiest to reinterpret but I admit that these three houses have revealed brilliantly. Each presented its singular vision of wheat either is inventing all start as did the studio for the creation of Chanel or dip into its rich archives as did the creative directors at Boucheron and Chaumet. Simple random or surprising of circumstances against an identical choice of the theme of wheat, its sumptuous creations have valued the French know-how and dazzled our eyes during the Paris haute couture week.