Tea time with Daniela Villegas

I had the opportunity to meet Daniela Villegas during his stay in Paris. Around a cup of tea, this Mexican designer based in Los Angeles presented me her jewels exhibited during Paris Fashion Week. I discovered them on Instagram and as usual I preferred to see them closely all these jewels that I admire in pictures. This young woman is very talented and it is with the greatest pleasure that I plunged into his atypical world, original and so touching. Daniela sees life as a playground where her jewels are as surprising and colorful as the world around us. She enjoys life to the fullest and enjoys every day as if it were the last.

This jewlery designer plays with all the colors of gold and colored stones that she mixes with natural materials such as feathers, pebbles, wood or … insects. She is known for her unique jewelry: handmade and inspired by nature. An affinity with insects is striking and their interpretation and use in jewelry is just wonderful. I confess that I am not a fan of this kind of animals, but in Daniela’s version, they do not scare me and I would even say that they make me want to wear them in rings or necklaces.

The Backyard collection sublimates insects as a symbol of their integration and balance with the environment. The designer reminds us to treat nature with respect. Crabs, ladybirds, cicadas, beetles, cockchafers, there is something for every taste and every color.

Some of his creations are rather complex as the pieces of the Renaissance collection. The skeleton is a necessary base to evolve and adapt to change. Rehabilitation of the skeleton in jewelry is surprising and unusual. Mixing beautiful stones such as tourmaline or opal, Daniela gets an interesting and unique result.

I finished my tea and the time to leave came. Delighted to have met this creator, I left with pictures that I hope it show the personality of Daniela Villegas and her rare and beautiful jewels which are my favorites undeniably.