Jade, from emperors to art deco

I invite you to discover the exhibition “Jade, from emperors to art deco” which takes place until 16 JANUARY 2017 at the Musée Guimet in Paris. A beautiful opportunity to discover this beautiful stone “image of the goodness” for Confucius, and to unfold the millenary history which, since the Neolithic until the years 1920, does not cease questioning its beauty, its virtue, its symbol and its prestige.

Atelier Strauss, Allard, Meyer 1926, Nécessaire d’inspiration chinoise,or jaune,émail rouge et noir, diamants taille rose, jadéite

Plaque à décor de personnages, de grue et de tortue, Chine, début de la dynastie Ming, jade, bois

A major expression of Chinese civilization and multi-faceted material, jade is part of the oldest history of Chinese art. Almost 330 pieces will be gathered for the first time in France, coming from 15 prestigious national and international institutions including the National Museum of the Palace of Taipei, lender for about a third of the exhibited works.

Ceinture ajourée à décor d’ oiseaux et de fleurs, Chine, dynastie Qing, jade

Sphère symbolisant le Ciel, la Terre et l’Homme, Chine, dynastie Ming, jade

From the Chinese emperors, who regarded it as a natural adornment, to the greatest jewelers who sublimated it in the 20th century through the Arts Déco creations inspired by Chinese taste, jade remains that eternal and mythical stone, the object of fascination and of absolute power for the sovereign.

Boucles d’oreilles, Cartier New York,1926, diamants, jade, corail, émail rouge

In a Chinese-inspired scenography punctuated by perforated wooden screens, jade lends itself to the “touch” of visitors, thanks to the provision of two lapidary blocks, one raw and the other polished, so that everyone can measure all the richness of matter, at once firm, soft, unctuous, veined.

Enjoy your visit !

Bloc de jade brut, Russie, région d’Irkoutsk

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