l’Elmantine by Valerus Paris

Today I will delight my male readers to change a little. I discovered there is little a unique jewel for the man. My natural curiosity for the jewel was pleasantly surprised by this kind of extraordinary ornament for a dandy of today.

After 5 years of research and design, Valerus has presented Elmantine: an exceptional jewel resulting from the encounter between the know-how of jewelery and the precious of haute couture.

A legend mixing tradition and daring for a jewel of exception

This unique jewel is born of a Parisian legend which very few know about the existence. For the graduation of her son, a countess wished to offer him a jewel symbolizing this achievement. They go to a jeweler in the heart of Paris. The countess informs her of her desire to give her son a unique, elegant and discreet jewel. During this meeting, the girl of the craftsman grazes the forearm of the young man and his hand slides on the four buttons of the sleeve of his jacket. This unexpected and spontaneous gesture has not escaped the eye of the old man who in the following weeks gives life to this unique piece, a subtle perfect balance between tradition and audacity faithful to the young man whose elegance is magnified by the imprint discreet and sensual girl who grazed with her hand the buttons sewn with gold thread. This work will bear the name of the girl: Elmantine.

Unique know-how

Elmantine is a unique and timeless jewel designed for the man who will harmonize an outfit, sublimate a jacket and characterize a look. With its Parisian aesthetic, this beautiful object will give the wearer a particular identity. Intended to slip over the buttons placed at the sleeve, the Elmantine can uniquely adorn the jacket of a man combining perfect couture and jewelry.

Elmantine is the combination of craftsmanship and modernity. The entire Ulysse collection is designed, imagined and handmade in Paris. True to its legend, Elmantine is made from an ounce of gold, or 31 grams of gold, drawn from Guyana. Gold is mined in respect of local people and the environment.

Elmantine is available in 3 editions:

– The classic edition: The yellow gold motif, inspired by the emblematic Fleur de Lys, forms an irresistible alliance with the frame in white gold. White gold rhodium for sobriety and discretion that allows a subtle agreement with the costume. Yellow Gold for its elegance and distinctive character that reveals it.

– The rose gold edition: The Rose Gold version of the Elmantine Ulysse adds a touch of color and sensitivity unique to the classic edition

– The red carpet edition: In black and white gold this edition was designed for a perfect alliance with a tuxedo.

Valerus is not simply the anagram of Values, it is above all a set of values indissociable from the legend of his jewel. This young men’s jewelry brand puts elegance, excellence and creativity at the heart of its DNA. I am completely seduced by this successful bet and this very chic ornament for a modern man. And you gentlemen, do you wear Elmantine to your jacket?