Influences 2026

In an era where innovation and invention are crucial for brand growth and competitiveness, Francéclat stands out by offering a creative and forward-looking approach to inspire and evaluate the future. By analyzing emerging aesthetic, sociocultural, and technological trends, Francéclat provides an ecosystem of creative and forecasting tools dedicated to innovation and design.

Francéclat offers a variety of tools, including mood boards, trend books, and style studies. These strategic tools enable companies to evolve or reinvent themselves, providing relevant and tailored responses to the diverse needs of actors in marketing, design, manufacturing, merchandising, and communication.

The annually published “Influences” trendbook deciphers major societal and consumption trends over an 18 to 24-month horizon. This year, Francéclat decided to split its study into three distinct trendbooks, each dedicated to a specific sector: watchmaking, jewelry, and tableware. This segmentation aims to offer more relevant and targeted analyses and inspirations.

Themes 2026: Four Key Directions

The themes explored in the Influences 2026 notebooks include:

Metamorphoses: In the era of digital and environmental transformations, this theme explores the symbiosis between nature and technology, creating new and aesthetically unique evolutionary theories.

The 9th Continent: This theme proposes an odyssey celebrating mixtures and syncretisms, reinventing folklores through the hybridization of traditions and extravagant forms.

Inner Fortresses: Amid external turmoil, this theme values interior spaces as havens of peace, capturing the poetry of ordinary life and redefining everyday objects as extensions of the soul.

Modern Laboratory: The convergence of technology, science, and design, this theme highlights innovative sobriety, creating recreational utopias and redefining our lifestyles creatively and enrichingly.

To enrich these perspectives, Francéclat collaborated with the foresight consulting firm Leherpeur Paris and a team of stylists and designers specialized in each sector. Additionally, six students from École Boulle contributed by transforming anticipated trends into concrete and innovative creative directions.

Through its “Influences 2026” notebook, Francéclat continues to be a major pillar in supporting companies in their strategy of balancing trends and creation. By offering strategic innovation tools and deciphering societal and aesthetic evolutions, Francéclat helps brands imagine and develop a unique brand identity and original product offerings suited to current market demands.

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