French Creative Corner at VicenzaOro September 2024

After the phenomenal success of the first-ever French Creative Corner at VicenzaOro in January 2024, Francéclat is thrilled to continue celebrating French creativity by bringing a dazzling selection of emerging brands to VicenzaOro. I am beyond excited to showcase six groundbreaking French jewelry and costume jewelry brands at VicenzaOro, Europe’s premier B2B event for gold and jewelry. Don’t miss this incredible journey—join me in discovering the unmatched brilliance and innovation of French jewelry-making!

Francéclat is dedicated to developing and promoting French timepieces, jewellery, and tableware brands. The organization aims to expand these iconic sectors both within France and globally, showcasing the country’s celebrated art de vivre. By studying and understanding market trends, driving creativity, stimulating innovation, and connecting key players, Francéclat accelerates the development of these renowned French industries. Their initiatives shine a spotlight on French savoir-faire, extending its influence far beyond national borders.

Let’s explore the six brands waiting to be discovered at the French Creative Corner during VicenzaOro September 2024.

Mysteryjoy intertwines childhood nostalgia and boundless creativity, weaving through the realms of fantasy. Every piece of jewelry is meticulously crafted in France, featuring 18-carat gold and lab-grown diamonds, sourced responsibly with a pledge of quality and integrity. Joy Toledano conjures jewelry with the finesse of a master illusionist. Each creation unfolds like a tale waiting to be shared, a narrative waiting to unfold.

Morganne Bello embodies a passion for the beauty and magic of gemstones. Founded in Paris in 2002, this fine jewelry brand has crafted a timeless chic style that highlights gems worn close to the skin, connecting uniquely with their energy. Meticulously sourced and selected globally, the iconic multi-faceted cuts reveal the brilliance and colors of each gem, celebrating over 20 years of vibrant, joyful creations suitable for every occasion.

Animisma defines fine jewellery with a sensory allure, blending nature-inspired designs with modern craftsmanship. Crafted in France from gold vermeil and silver, each piece embodies the essence of animism, infusing contemporary symbols with refined elegance. Balancing color tones and stone brilliance, Animisma creates versatile jewels that invite personal interpretation. Each piece whispers a unique narrative, resonating uniquely with its wearer. Explore Animisma for jewellery that merges artistic expression with personal significance, promising a sensory journey through modern sophistication.

Bangle-Up epitomizes the evolution of a bracelet into a versatile array of jewellery pieces. Originating from its distinctive bangle shape, each piece is adorned with unique prints that evolve over time into complementary bands, cuffs, rings, necklaces, and earrings. Balancing simplicity with vibrant colors, accessibility with refinement, Bangle-Up pieces are both contemporary and timeless, embodying the ‘upwear’ trend in fashion. Each creation reflects meticulous craftsmanship and celebrates artisanal expertise while embracing modern aesthetics.

Ikoba captivates enthusiasts of men’s jewellery with its globally inspired creations, showcased in boutiques across France and beyond. Each piece is a testament to the brand’s exploration of diverse cultures and landscapes worldwide, featuring a rich array of patterns and natural materials. From leather and fossilized wood to lapis lazuli and pumice, Ikoba’s collection is distinguished by its authentic designs. The brand’s elegant leather and wood display cabinets further enhance its presence in retail spaces, offering a visual testament to craftsmanship and creativity. In the realm of Ikoba, every jewel narrates a tale of wanderlust and discovery, inviting wearers to connect with the world through unique, finely crafted adornments.

Mille et Une Perles stands as a bastion of values and symbolism, rooted deeply in the lore of Japanese pearl divers, the legendary “Ama”. These courageous women, celebrated for their centuries-old fishing techniques, inspire Mille et Une Perles’ dedication to cultured pearls. In homage to the Ama, the brand introduces “Hanashinju Pearls”, a collection of gold and cultured pearls. Crafted by Japanese master diamond cutter Kazuo Komatsu using a technique akin to stone-cutting, these pearls exhibit unparalleled brilliance and a unique sheen. Mille et Une Perles also offers unmounted faceted pearls, continuing to honor tradition and craftsmanship in every exquisite creation.

Alongside these, a dozen other brands will showcase their unique stands, each offering a vibrant spectrum of styles and creations. Within the French Creative Corner, a dedicated area will captivate visitors with a collective exhibition featuring all participating French brands. Here, approximately thirty meticulously curated pieces of jewellery, artfully arranged by theme, promise to unveil the boundless creativity and exquisite diversity defining the essence of French jewellery craftsmanship.

So book your trip right now for Vicenzaoro and rendez-vous in September at French Creative Corner .

Fiera di Vicenza, Via dell’ Oreficeria 16, Vicenza, Italy