4 ideas for  an alternative engagement ring

Spring is the most beautiful engagement season so today I look at the important topic for future fiancés. If you are looking for an engagement ring for an original woman, it is certain that a solitaire is not the best choice. “It shines” or “bigger, it’s better” are absolutely not the ways of thinking of the e of your heart! My few tips will surely help you.

More and more women don’t necessarily hold the eternal diamond to their finger. It is certain that the scandals associated with the trade in blood diamonds have marked an entire generation that aspires to something more than this sad and classic version of solitaire to symbolize love. An engagement ring should be unique because it has a deeper meaning than spending almost 3 months of salary for some … When I think about my own engagement ring, I remember very well the “hell” in which I was found, my fiance having left the possibility to choose it, believing that make me happy! It took me a long time. I would have liked to have received advice on this subject before. I believe above all that good advice in the hands of your future husband, who is so attentive and so well acquainted with you, will avoid the unfortunate false step of the bridegroom, who is relieved of this heavy responsibility, supposed to be an act of love for you, making it choose yourself. So here are my 4 ideas for an original engagement ring:

1 / The Family Ring

The simplest solution, in my opinion and the most beautiful, is to offer to your fiancée an engagement ring that is handed down from one generation to the next. Perhaps your grandmother has left a beautiful vintage ring as a legacy, or your mother has received from her mother-in-law a lovely ring that will fit perfectly. Rings in vintage style or old rings are really fashionable. This is a great way to enter and be accepted into the in-laws. If your mother holds too much to her jewelry and does not wish to transmit them before the hour, needless to insist. If not, go ahead and I’m sure your darling will love your family’s jewelry

2/ The knot ring

It is a way of recalling the moral bond that unites the lovers. Their fate is bound forever in harmony. The lines of the metal that meet and don’t leave each other, like the union of the future married. The knot ring will correspond to a bride who has a greater sensitivity with the metal. The ring in the two tones of metal will be a way of recalling the feminine and the masculine.

3/The ring with gemstones

If your sweetheart is addicted to colors, then opt for the gemstones in his favorite color though obviously gentlemen you know him 😉 The ring with your two birthstones in the style of the ring “you and me” will be a great idea to recall the birthday months of two grooms. If your future half is a “pearl rare”, you can opt for a ring with a pearl.

4/ An alternative to diamonds

If you are certain that your fiancée does not want a real diamond, then you have the choice between synthetic diamonds or imitations. Synthetic diamonds are manufactured in laboratories. Natural stones that perfectly resemble the diamond are: natural zirconium, moissanite, quartz or colorless sapphire. It is surely a little cheaper and because of this, you can opt for more carats or a more original size 😉

I hope my advice will help you in this rather difficult task. Tell me what you think and do not hesitate to tell me which ring you think of, gentlemen? And you, dear readers, what ring would you please?

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