Vicenzaoro Septembre 2023

The most recent edition of Vicenzaoro, a prestigious international event dedicated to gold, jewelry, and timepieces, was held at the Vicenza Expo Centre by the Italian Exhibition Group (IEG) took place from 8 to 12 September 2023. The visitors found at Vicenzaoro by a captivating array of high-end brands, micro-brands and independent jewelry designers with their new collections, contemporary watches and packed calendar of events with the industry’s leading voices.  Now, let’s delve deeper into the highlights of the VOS23’s last edition.

Vicenzaoro serves as a dynamic hub encompassing business, education, information exchange, and networking. Over the years, it has consistently held its position as a pivotal point of reference for the global community, renowned for its introduction of new products and its adeptness at forecasting market trends. The 2023 edition of this B2B trade fair and trend show concluded on a high note, witnessing a remarkable 6% increase in total attendees, with half of them hailing from international locales.


The number of countries of origin also rose to 132 with numerous new entries. The European Union countries represented 52% of foreign visitors at Vicenzaoro, Asia and the Middle East 17%, the Americas 11%, Africa 4% and Oceania 1%.  Notably, the stronghold of the European market was reaffirmed, with Spain leading at 7%, closely followed by Germany at 4.8% and France at 4.2%. The United States stood as the fourth most prominent country, and it held the top position among non-EU buyers, underlining its keen interest in engaging with the 1,200 brands on display at this edition of the show.

A significant highlight was the hosting of 400 foreign buyers from the USA, the Middle East, and China. This was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the ITA – Italian Trade Agency, who organized an incoming program to facilitate valuable business interactions at the event.


At Vicenzaoro September companies presented their new collections and the path that designers and the consumer market will take over the next 18 months was outlined, thanks to the launch of the Trendbook, edition 2025+, edited by Trendvision Jewellery + Forecasting, IEG’s independent Observatory directed by Paola De Luca.  If you want to purchase the last edition of Trendbook, use the code Blissfromparis and get 10% off.


The key themes for the industry such as the impact of artificial intelligence on human creativity in jewellery design or Intellectual Property rights were discuss during the seminars. The Gem Talk about Akoya pearls, coral, natural and lab-grow diamonds was very interesting and well attended during this edition. For those who missed out on any of these enlightening sessions, the content from the seminars and Gem Talk is available for viewing on the Vicenzaoro YouTube channel.

Watchmaking’s presence at Vicenzaoro was consolidated with the b2b community of TIME section in the hall 1 and the VO’Clock Privé in the foyer on the first floor. This contemporary watchmaking lounge for timepiece enthusiasts, gathered together the very best of watchmaking, high-end brands, independent creators, the most authoritative institutions, collectors and watch lovers. The talks and seminars brought together experts and enthusiasts of watches. In the Time section I discovered the new watch brands like Vanna, Amalys or Bomberg. During my visit at VO’ Clock Privé I spotted the timepieces from Vincent Calabrese, Anderson Genève and Norqain.

Watch by VANNA

This tradeshow is truly the reference point for the whole industry and you should just book your trip for the next edition. 70th edition of Vicenzaoro will take place from 19 to 23 January 2024 so don’t miss this big celebration next year.

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