Wedding rings

Wedding season starts slowly with the arrival of lovely wheather. And who says weedings says weddings rings. This ring, which symbolizes the union between two people, complete the engagement ring to the bride and often the only piece of jewelry worn by the groom.

Anaïs Rheiner

There are no real trends in the field. Indeed, each couple will forge a clear idea of their wedding rings, sometimes even before choosing the engagement ring. Some women absolutely hold that the two rings combine and overlap perfectly; some jewelers offer them so that the diamonds of each ring have the same size and the same setting. The highlight of their proposals is often in the form of the covenant, which curves to make way for solitaire engagement ring. Other couples absolutely held to have exactly the same combination of size to signify their unity. Others will choose to play on the idea of complementarity of their personalities; a round section for madame, soft and voluptuous, a rectangular section for sir strong and modern.

Dolphins & Sharks

For aesthetics and comfort, it is necessary to pay attention about the shape and width. Men often opt for flat rings, but when trying gentlemen, be sure to check that the edges do not attack you. Sometimes it may be comfortable to wear a slightly rounded weddig ring on the inside of the ring. For the width, we must first evaluate the function of the length of your hands. More fingers are small, less the ring must be large.


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For alloys, I advise you to go to precious metals, more durable (gold, platinum, titanium), and avoid silver or plated because they require more maintenance. You can very well choose two different colors of metal: white gold for lady and yellow gold for gentleman. Of course, the bride should match the color of the metal from its wedding ring with that of her engagement ring for the showcase. If you have doubts about the choice, two colors can be a solution. For those who want a less conventional alliance, the version in brushed or hammered gold can be a solution.

Paulette à bicyclette- Alliance en or équitable martelé SARITA

The bride can choose a paved release or half-pad to bring a touch bling to her outfit. The groom who dare, can opt for the version with black diamonds or just a stone. Know that these crimped alliances are more fragile and require more care.



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Your jeweler can offer you engrave your alliances. Name your half or your wedding date can register on the inside (or any other word that characterizes you). Check and check by another person that you intend to engrave. You’re not immune to error, and in this case, the changes are at your expense.

I hope these tips will help you choose your weeding ring. Finally, I will present my selection of atypical weeding rings or at least not too classic.

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Or du monde

Jean-Louis Roelly

Esther Assouline

Nathalie Dmitrovic

Tom G pour Compagnie des gemmes

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