VicenzaOro 2021

VicenzaOro, a fair that has been a leading in the jewelry sector for over 60 years, returned to Vicenza from September 10 to 14, 2021. In this industry it is important to see and try on jewelry and I had the chance to participate again. Today I am bringing you with me to Italy and I will explain to you why you will have to go there next time.

This restart edition closed with a total of 80% of the number of visitors registered for the 2019 edition and with more than 800 exhibitors. International attendance exceeded 30% of the total: with 77% coming from Europe, mainly Spain, Germany, France, 7% from the Middle East but also arrivals from the United States, Russia and from North Africa. In addition, two events took place simultaneously in Vicenza: T. Gold and VoVintage. The premier international fair is an exhibition of advanced machinery and technology for jewelry design and production processes. The second edition of VoVintage was open to collectors of vintage watches and jewelry.

Topics such as: the place of women in the sector, sustainability throughout the production chain and sales methods were strongly discussed during the many talks and panels that take place during the fair.

When it comes to my jewelry discoveries and the trends I have observed, they are as follows:

Green is the new black

After the month of the pandemic, the color of hope appeared in the hard stones as well as in the facetted. YEPREM has combined green leather with emerald in their new collection. A shade of green in marquise cut in this ring by LUVOR, malachite associated with peridots and diamonds in these rings by TIRISI or even malachite with emerald in this earring by JJEWELS. Really green is everywhere.


The precious talismans are now reinterpreted to recall childhood memories as in the Kaleidoscopes pendants from DRUTIS JEWELLERY or to wear the favorite celestial body (the moon or the sun) as in the jewels of GIO MIO. They always evoke strong feelings and they remain a safe value in terms of design.

The original cuts

Unusual shapes of gems are increasingly in demand in jewelry designs. Both geometric and organic, the client seeks originality in jewelry. The hexagonal-shaped gems accompanied by the asymmetrical setting in the rings of FALCINELLI ITALY, the interchangeable quilted-cut patterns in the MATTIOLI earrings or the raw amber slice associated with ruby ​​and sapphire in the earrings CHATON are perfect examples of this trend.

I hope I made you want to visit this show next time because Vicenzaoro will be back January 21-26, 2022 and it will be the first event of the year. So let’s meet in Vicenza next year?