The Year of the Ox

Friday February 12 marks the celebration of the Lunar Chinese New Year. The year 2021 will be placed under the influence of the Metal Ox according to Chinese astrology. The Year of the Ox will last until January 31, 2022. So what will the ox bring us this year?

How will the Year of the Ox be?

Today we dive headlong into the Year of the Metal Ox. The next 12 months will be placed under the aegis of this robust animal which occupies the second position in the Chinese zodiac. A year of hard work promises to be without hesitation. Methodical, disciplined, the Ox encourages people to redouble their efforts, to give hope to innovative projects. Voluntary, hardworking, rigorous and patient, the Ox invites us to mark out our actions. Now is not the time for improvisation, much less for revolution.

Time is the keyword for this year 2021. Working time, changing times. Also the time spent with others. Attached to traditions, the Ox tightens marital, family and friendly ties. His only priority: to love, in all sincerity.

The Year of the Ox is extremely good for agriculture. Abundant harvests will undoubtedly be the best argument to encourage young people to stay on or return to their ancestral lands. This period also favorable to the revaluation of manual work.

Metal symbolizes rules, decisions, justice. This year, the aim will be to redouble our efforts to carry out innovative projects. The ox teaches us to approach reality with lucidity and coolness. In the hope of opening up different, brighter and bigger horizons.

How is the ox?

Associated with the Earth, with conservatism, with agriculture, with work, with rigor, with patience, with authority, the ox is the one who perseveres. Calm and enduring, he is wise, protective, sure of himself and patient. Honest in nature, Oxen are strongly patriotic, have ideals and life ambitions, and value family and work. This reflects traditional conservative characteristics. Ox women are traditional and faithful, and attach great importance to the education of their children.

With great patience and a desire to progress, oxen are not influenced much by others or the environment, but persist in doing things according to their ideals and abilities. Before taking any action, oxen will have a specific plan with detailed steps, to which they will apply their strong faith and physical strength.

Unfortunately oxen are the weakest in their communication skills. They don’t know how to communicate well with others and often they are a bit stubborn.

Watches and jewelry for the ox

Luxury watch brands are used to coming up with new designs to celebrate the Chinese New Year. In 2021, watchmakers are spoiling us with beautiful creations featuring the animal of the year. Jewelry brands are a little behind depending on the animal to be treated. Jewelry with an ox is extremely rare, but I’ve found some pretty pieces for you. Finally, I invite you to admire the beautiful watch and jewelry creations illustrating the sign of the ox!

Harry Winston
Jaquet Droz
Vacheron Constantin