The trend book Influences 2024

At the beginning of July 2022, I discovered a preview of the Influences 2024 trend book produced by the consulting agency, Nelly Rodi for Francéclat. This trend book, published annually, deciphers a horizon of 18 to 24 months through lifestyles, portraits of emerging talents and color & material atmospheres.

FRANCÉCLAT is a professional committee for the development of watchmaking, jewellery, goldsmithing and tableware. It designs and develops a large ecosystem of creative intelligence and prospective analysis tools dedicated to innovation and design.

For this new edition, the general influences identified by NellyRodi for Franceclat have been interpreted by the creative team of a dozen independent stylists and designers, experts in the creative industries, luxury and the art of living, specially brought together for this project. 3 students from the Clément de Pémille professional high school in Graulhet were associated with the production of this book. This experience allowed them to participate in the entire process of designing a collective trend book.

Influences 2024 thus offers a forward-looking vision of the major creative directions for the watchmaking, jewelery and tableware sectors. It revolves around 4 undercurrents that characterize 4 consumer profiles:

  • TWIST for voluptuous people who will explore the unlimited possibilities of form, between Art Nouveau and craftsmanship 2.0
  • FREE SPIRIT for agitators who will let themselves be taken by a libertarian and inventive vision and radically rethink our ways of doing and producing
  • VIRTUOSO for prodigies who dare to reconnect with ultra premium and inventive luxury, combining technology and total sensuality
  • ILLUSION for utopians who will propel themselves into distant worlds, both familiar and unknown

Let’s discover in detail the fourth themes for 2024:


Escape from everyday reality by revisiting times of opulence and excess: through this bias, a new, anti-minimalist and hyper-creative aesthetic is shaped, which re-orchestrates references in its own way, bringing surprise and of life. A hypersensitive vision that is inspired, among other things, by Art Nouveau aesthetics as well as by the young guard of daring creatives. In tribute to the exceptional craftsmen who work with glass and wood, the products are abundantly crafted, decorated, ornamented, sculpted, engraved, polished, embellished – a true manifesto of know-how.


In an era where everything has to be reinvented, creative audacity is shaking up received ideas. We refuse constraints, just as we question old models and overused concepts. From old, we make new. More arty, more experimental, more functional, more singular: we build an environment that looks like us and comes out of the nails of conformity. Disposable is no longer appropriate: we invest in the basics that have proven themselves, but by injecting them with a huge dose of good humor. Resilience, recovery: the watchword is to reinvent yourself and reinvent the world with it.


A desire to step out of line, to stand out or to impose comes to shake up the codes of luxury. The traditions of high craftsmanship combine with cutting-edge technological know-how to form a new sacred union. Maximalist volumes, striking details… we rediscover the work of detail, the nobility of the material. A way to (re)give structure and allure to everyday life, to inject a thrill of creativity into austerity which is accompanied by the growing desire among some consumers to reconnect with premium experiences and statutory purchases.


Has the virtual turned the aesthetics of everyday life upside down as much as uses? So much the better ! Design takes advantage of this 3.0 regeneration to switch with delight into this new world, explore the boundaries between true and false and reinvent everything: our habits of colors, our relationship to textures, our desires for shapes… New products facilitate experimentation. Filtered, augmented or dreamed reality: technology makes it possible to escape, to soften, to blur, sometimes also to radiate, to dazzle – in any case, to re-enchant reality. At the antipodes of a cold future, place is made for a new world in which surprise becomes a philosophy of life.

Legal notice to be reproduced for any use of the plates extracted from the notebook:

“Excerpt from the Influences 2024 book by Francéclat produced in collaboration with: A3, Michel Berra, Clémence Birot, Itise, Ixo, Fabienne Jouvin, Florence Lehmann, Mathilde Meneau, Marine Meudec, François Quentin and Nathalie Sokierka”.