The Jewellery Trenbook 2023+

During the last edition of VicenzaOro I participated in many very interesting conferences but the one that seemed to me the most important, was about the trends. Paola de Luca presented the 20th edition of Trend book 2023+. The director of The Futurist and her collaborators gave a glimpse of what the future will bring us in the coming years. So how does the future of jewelry and watches look like?

The Jewelery Trendbook 2023+ is the ultimate and definitive guide into trends in the jewelry industry. When we talk about trends we have to distinguish the types and the lifecycle of a trend. Mega, macro or micro trend last over time between 10 years, 5 years, 2 years and today. To decode the sentiments of consumers for the next two years, you have to think about kindness, reconnection, love, care, Jomo (the joy of missing it all) and also balance, resilience, and frugality.

As for the consumer culture, the four major macro directions 2023+ were unveiled in early September 2021 during VicenzaOro:

  • Restoverse: immersive wilding, hyper comfort, sensory nomadism and human touch
  • Euphoria: surreal escapism, subcultures, young as mindset, retronostalgia, exploration
  • SlowFlow: slow design, glocal, rawness, DIY crafts rigid flow, soft play
  • Nuo Smart: metaverse, Humachine, digital tacticity, algorithmic design, tech-led craft

Then Paola de Luca presented the jewelry panorama with 6 important directions:

1 / Geo-Design with sculptural and architectural shapes. Cubism, geometry, illusion, modern art well symbolize this direction. The sculptural forms, the edgy shapes, the play of negative space, the gems that play the illusion or form a structure will be popular.

2 / Gamification bring together joyful and colorful jewelry. Rainbow colors or neon colors, letters or initials, colored leather, colored precious metals, enamel, ceramic or even plastic, anything that brings a touch of color will be fashionable. Rings to stack or mini hoops are a good illustration of this trend.

3 / Organika or textures and forms borrowed from nature. Everything organic, the rough, the unexpected shapes, the size of unique stones, the stones with the organic inclusions will be back. Polished wood, baroque pearls, modular pieces, moulded and manipulated metal will be completely trendy.

4 / Sentimental Stories or the jewellery encapsulating personal emotions. Personal memories, talismans, symbols,zodiac will be back. Expect to see more secret rings, mismatched earrings, and charms that tell a story.

5 / The Green Footprint with whimsical interpretation of flora and fauna. The eternal inspiration of nature is reflected in ombré or pastel colors, metals like titanium or colored aluminum with vibrant laboratory gems or engraved gems. Insects, the underwater world and of course the flowers will be there for sure.

6 / Fluidcore or genderless becomes mainstream. The combination of different colors of metals, the flexibility of bracelets, open rings and open bracelets, chains and strong links, detachable earrings, white enamel or white pearls are again fashonable.

For the watch panorama, the authors of TrendBook 2023+ detected the following 4 trends:

  • Advanced playfulness with smartwatches, innovation, tourbillon, pop colors
  • Bejeweled with jewelry watches, secret watches, precious, glamour, gemset
  • Fanciful Art with art inspired, limited editions, unique design and fantasy
  • SimpleCore with every day basics, genderless, simple design, nostalgia

According to the authors of TrendBook, the macro trend forecast for 2023+ will take the following six directions:

  • Connections or fluid link to humanity, hybrid design
  • Biophilia or mimicking the beauty of nature, biodesign with new materials, naturalism
  • Youthtopia or the utopia of young minds, neo tribes, cross-cultures
  • Nextalgia or the preservation of our future, upcycling, antique pieces
  • Slow forward where craft meets technology, virtual reality, digital design
  • Dreamscape or escape from reality, glossy colors, individualization

I hope that this report will be useful to you in your activity. If you would like to go deeper into this topic and learn more about the trends in the jewelry / jewelry / watch industry then I highly recommend that you get a copy of TrendBook 2023+.