Winter engagment

Step into a winter wonderland where love sparkles and engagement dreams come to life. Today we explore the magic of winter proposals through the lens of five talented jewelry creators. These artists bring a personal touch to crafting engagement rings that go beyond the ordinary. Let’s discover how these artists capture the essence of love in every exquisite detail of their creation. Let’s find together a ring that will tell your love story with timeless elegance

My first stop bring my to London where is based the Mocielli jewellery. This brand tells the story of self -love that allows to overflow with love for others. It strives to be a precious reminder of the virtues and strength we carry within. The human touch of traditional craftsmen, focus on the ornamentation and finer details is a crucial element to Mocielli designs. Love for gemstones, and also for their perfect imperfections, is supported by gemological knowledge and plays an essential part in the story of the brand.  Mocielli Jewellery is a piece that is made to last for ever, while radiating with love , beauty , good energy of people that made it and bringing blessings to the owner. From all pieces , this delicate ring by Mocielli stolen my heart.

Yellow gold, tanzanite, diamonds © Mocielli

For the next stop, we go to Bruxelles where live and work Saskia Shutt. She started her artistic journey as an independent jeweller in 1999. Specialising in bespoke jewellery is not just a professional choice but a deeply personal commitment that resonates with the core of her artistic passion. Her philosophy of creating jewellery is to connect with the clientele. Collaborating with clients to bring their visions to life is an exhilarating process. This bespoke approach allows her to infuse a distinctive essence into each creation, ensuring that the jewellery resonates with the wearer on a profoundly personal level.  In alignment with her unwavering dedication to ethical practices, she is an active member of the Ethical Metalsmiths and meticulously source precious metals and gemstones from artisanal small-scale mining operations, championing principles of transparency, traceability, gender equality, and responsible mining practices. As a proud Fairmined licensee, her commitment extends globally, underscored by a recent visit of the Fairmined Eco gold mines in Peru.  Sustainability and traceability are the cornerstones of her craft when navigating the world of responsibly mined gemstones, she approach each selection with the fervour of a child in a sweet shop. In essence, while gemstones undeniably take centre stage in her artistic narrative, bespoke jewellery remains the beating heart of her practice.  All rings by Saskia are truly amazing and these two are my favorites.

White gold, diamonds, garnet © Saskia Shutt
Platinum, diamonds, emerald © Saskia Shutt

From Belgium we move to Switrzland where live and work the youngest jeweler from my selection. Roland Kawczynski was born in Geneva in 1987. Since he was little, he loved shiny things and jewelry, and dreamed of becoming a jeweler. His dream came true when he obtained his CFC jeweler diploma from Arts Appliqués in Geneva as well as his Bachelor in jewelry and accessories design from HEAD-Geneva. Since then, Roland has had the chance to participate in several jewelry exhibitions in Paris as well as in New York. Today, he teaches his knowledge to students at HEAD-Geneva and works alongside in a workshop in Carouge, where he imagines his new creations. Roland Kawczynski loves stones and there is not a creation that is not adorned with them. Silver, gold, titanium, bronze; he likes to combine these different materials and nature is his first source of inspiration. I can’t choose only one ring but these two are my crushes without any doubt.

Yellow gold , diamonds © Roland Kawczynski
© Roland Kawczynski

My two last ideas of engagement rings came from my home town and city of love, Paris where based two taletend artists are. Anne-Laure Mirabel. She is a fondeur and creative director at Jacquot Paris. She modernized Art Deco spirit that gives this jewelry piece so much character. It’s a strong but timeless design that we’re unlikely to tire of.  All Jacquot Paris pieces are made with love by fairy fingers in Paris from recycled 18-carat gold.  Geometric and graphic shapes, elegant creations but with character, the jewels by Jacquot Paris that can be worn for a lifetime and above all that can be passed down. For sure I will say “yes” to this Eternal Boreal Verde ring set with diamonds and a beautiful green tourmaline.

Rose gold, diamonds, green tourmaline © Jacquot Paris

Born from an intuition, a passion and a professional retraining, Berlet has been creating original and timeless jewelry for twenty years. Their contemporary style are inspired by the elegance of classic pieces. Berlet’s jewelers, all qualified in gemology, pay particular attention to the choice and quality of the gems. For signature collections as well as for tailor-made creations, Berlet jewelry magnificaly enhances an infinite variety of precious  stones. The settings are fine, precise, with original touches and sometimes modular lines. To accompany major life events such as engagements, weddings, birthdays, births. Life lasting jewelry.  My crush is these two rings and yours?

Rose gold, diamonds, rubis © Berlet
White gold, diamonds, green sapphire © Berlet