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I met the duo of Waqi sisters from The Amanqi Consultancy a year ago during fashion week in Paris. Manal and Amani are based in Dubai and promote emerging brands in the jewelry and fashion industry. Meeting with two young women who highlight jewelry brands from around the world.

Could you please tell us more about yourself?

Both Manal and I grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and therefore attended secondary school there. We then decided to pursue further studies in London; Manal graduated from London College of Fashion while I completed my degree in Business Management from CASS Business School. Alongside university, Manal worked at a concept boutique and was also a contributing writer for several digital platforms prior to starting Amanqi.

What made you decide to start your business?

We have both been interested in fashion since childhood and were always on the lookout for new, unique brands. We wanted to create a platform revolving around discovering and promoting these emerging brands and that is how the concept of Amanqi came to life. We began to organise pop up events for these brands in Dubai, Geneva and London. Many of these designers came back to us, requesting for further marketing support, which is how we decided to launch the consultancy. Our strength is our ability to provide our clients maximum value and results, in a way that does not burden our clients. We also have very flexible working practices, boosting our employees’ productivity and encouraging a better work-life balance.

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What kind of services are you providing to brands?

We provide five main services:

  1. Brand Strategy & Development
  2. Public Relations
  3. Partnerships (with retailers, other brands, influencers, etc.)
  4. Digital Communications
  5. Event Management

Where do you operate your services?

We operate out of Dubai, although several of our employees work remotely from other parts of the world. We work with clients who are located all across the globe.

How do you choose your clients?

We have been very fortunate in the sense that most of our clients have been the ones to reach out to us, having heard about the way our agency is dedicated to supporting emerging brands. We therefore do not have a selection process as such; we simply review the brand and formulate the best strategy to be able help them grow in the direction that they desire.


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How can people who would like to work with you communicate with you?

We always want to ensure that we are easily approachable and therefore can be contacted via DM on Instagram (@theamanqiconsultancy) or via email ( or

What is your upcoming event?

From the 26th to 30th of September, we are hosting our second showroom during Paris Fashion Week. Happening at the Hotel National des Arts et Métiers, the showroom will feature upcoming fine jewellery, accessory and ready-to-wear brands from the Middle East.

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