Rémy Joaillier

Welcome at Franche-Comté to discover the world of Rémy Joaillier. This Franche-Comtois creator caught my attention by the originality of his creations and I wanted to meet him and see his creations. I met Rémy Mouillet on a Saturday afternoon in his shop at 49, rue Bersot in Besançon. After his training in jewelery and precious metals, he improve himself at a jeweler in the region. In 1998, he set up his own business in Besançon. He creates his jewels by hand and takes care of all the stages of the production. In 2007 Rémy Joaillier won a Tahitian Pearl Trophy award with his sculpture “Twilight” in silver, gold and cultured pearls of Tahiti. In his jewelry he often uses gold, platinum or titanium that lend themselves to the game of sculpture. Precious stones such as garnets, beryls, citrines, sapphires, pearls or diamonds add a touch of color and adorn this accomplished work of art. His creations with varied inspirations, are unique and refined. Both geometric clean lines, both organic lines carved, rings, pendants or earrings are sometimes surprising and bold, certainly not classic but with a real risk taking. He is not afraid to exploit new forms and has no limit to his creation.

” For me, a jewel is not an ornament, it’s an artistic expression” Rémy Joaillier

As this day is the busiest of the week, the shop-workshop has not been empty and our meeting was marked by the arrival of its customers. He is straight and honest with his clients which is worth a flawless loyalty. He makes a lot of jewelry on order or transformations and even repairs. The creed of the house: each being is unique and his jewels must be as well. He devotes time to listening to his customers to offer a jewel that will express something essential and unique to each person. Recently he has created a collection of Haute Fantaisie jewelry to satisfy all budgets and offer low prices to all customers.

I went to see a jeweler but in fact I discovered an accomplished artist because beside to his jewelery creation, Rémy is also a sculptor. Under the name of Doro, he proposes a new approach to the sculpture “Orophanie” that he invented. During the fusion, it allows the metal to pass from its liquid state to its solid state without intervening in the creation of the produced forms. The result resembles the thin layers of superimposed or associated metal like authorship-inspired puzzles that form unique works in gold or silver. Until August 30 you can see Doro’s sculptures in Nimes on the market place. If you go through Besançon, take a walk in his shop because it’s worth to discover this atypical artist, original and avant-garde.

“The jewel is a story of encounters between noble natural materials, emotions and a person who chooses it.” Rémy Joaillier