After Capricorn season, which allowed us to put our lives in order, it is time for Aquarius. The eleventh sign of the zodiac is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. Aquarius natives share the characteristics of this air sign, which often makes them perceived as original, independent and humanitarian. Each year, the sun spends from January 20 until February 19 in the sign of the Water Bearer, and it invites us to get creative and idealistic. Let’s take a closer look at the Aquarius personality to discover the distinctive traits that make this sign unique in astrology.

Aquarius is traditionally represented in the form of a young man carrying an overturned urn in his hand. This representation can be interpreted in different ways. Some see him as Ganymede, pouring ambrosia to the gods of Olympus, thus symbolizing the connection with the divine. Others recognize Deucalion, contemplating the flood, evoking the notion of renewal and rebirth. This duality in the interpretation of the Aquarius symbol reflects the complexity and diversity of the traits of this astrological sign.

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From January 20 to February 19, the Sun is in the constellation Aquarius. Aquarius season is helmed by the fixed air sign and ruled by Uranus, the planet of rebellion, electricity, and innovation. The most eccentric of all sign of zodiac, Aquarius is the great revolutionary. This reformative and curious sign likes to explore new ways of doing things, letting go and embracing the unknown.

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Aquarians are born under the influence of Saturn and Uranus, which allows them to see beyond the present and envision a better future. It is a fixed sign, which makes them reliable, committed and perseverant. Aquarius is thus placed under the sign of solidarity, of the cooperation of individuals for the benefit of the community of men. It testifies to liberation from material powers, an overcoming of natural and divine constraints.

Aquarius symbolizes innovation, originality, and uncompromising independence. The born under this sign are known for their independent spirit, reject conventions, preferring an innovative worldview. Their creativity is expressed through bold ideas and a constant search for innovation in all aspects of their lives. Independence is key to their personality, with a strong desire for freedom and an aversion to conventional social norms. Aquarians value diversity of opinion and stand up for their ideas, even if they challenge the status quo.

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The humanitarian side of Aquarius is also an important facet of their personality. Ruled by Uranus, the planet of innovation and progress, Aquarius is often driven by a deep desire to contribute to the well-being of humanity. These individuals are often drawn to social and humanitarian causes, seeking to bring positive change to the world. Their altruistic nature pushes them to get involved in volunteer activities and work for the common good.

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Cristiano Ronaldo, Oscar Wilde, Michael Jordan, Shakira, Mozart, Thomas Edison, and Jules Verne are just some of the famous individuals who were born under the sign of Aquarius.

Let’s wish Aquarians a happy birthday and I hope you find a gift idea to spoil your favorite Aquarius.