« Reine de Saba» by Lydia Courteille 

During the Paris Couture Week, I had the pleasure to discover a new collection in the Parisian boutique of Lydia Courteille. This time the designer takes us to a distant country, Ethiopia, which she visited some years ago. Captivated by the beauty of the landscape, she decided to pay tribute to the cultural and natural diversity of this country.

Considered one of the cradles of mankind, Ethiopia is composed of highlands, extending from the Danakil Depression to the snowy peaks of Mount Ras Dashan. The country has a very diverse environment crossing six climate zones. The name of the Queen of Ethiopia came naturally to the mind of the designer to present this verdant collection. The Kingdom of Sheba was stretching from Yemen to northern Ethiopia and Eritrea. Its name was mentioned in the biblical accounts, Koranic and Hebrew. Everyone agrees on the beauty and intelligence of this legendary queen. Today Ethiopia is a secular country where many beliefs coexist. This crossroads of religions has inspired and influenced the designer who transcribes wonderfully in this collection where everyone can find happiness and joy, their muse and their god.

Also in this collection the designer mentioned the beauty of the landscape of the salt desert Danakil: at the foot of the volcano Dallol. This site diabolical beauty of nature and the colours gave birth to the jewels with tourmalines “sulphur yellow” and “green acid”, the red clay gold and brown diamonds. The Mursi people of the Omo Valley also called “flower men” are also honoured in this creations.

Once a number of stones in green was collected, Lydia designed 18 pieces including one tiara, rings, earrings and a bracelet in 18K rhodium black or brown gold. The beautiful palette composed of green and yellow tourmaline, yellow sapphires, white diamonds, brown diamonds, tsavorite, peridot, emeralds and opals, has served for this collection to invite us to go green. As an absolute fan of green, I can only be subdued by these sublime creations and these beautiful stones that are highlighted in this collection. It is a real success.d in this collection. It is a real success.