Pomelatto : Ode to Milan

Pomelatto has chosen to unveil its new High Jewelry collection “Ode to Milan” during Haute Couture week in Paris in July 2023. The year 2023 celebrates the 20th anniversary of Vincenzo Castaldo’s presence as creative director at Pomellato . The Milanese house pays homage to its hometown and takes us on a magnificent tour of the Lombard capital. Let’s embark on a guided tour through Milan to admire its architectural gems and captivating sunsets.

Made up of 33 pieces, this collection captures with a touch of modernity all the ingenuity of the designers who shaped the city, while celebrating the splendor of its emblematic historical monuments. Each stop on this journey offers a captivating exploration of design and craftsmanship, a true homage to Milan’s rich and eclectic history.

The chapter “Vertical Landscapes” pays homage not only to the unconventional beauty of Milan’s 21st century architecture and skyscrapers but also to its revolutionary Torre Velasca and the colorful facades of Gio Ponti’s buildings. Distinguished by its linear shape, the Skyline necklace brings together 128 rare and particularly sumptuous spinels. Like a sunset framed by the skyscrapers of Milan, its extraordinary flood of colors dresses the neck in a sublime drape. Asymmetrical, the necklace is adorned with dazzling bezel-set and cushion-cut spinels ranging from classic red to lesser-known hues: bright scarlet, dusk pink, light mauve, sky blue and smoky gray.

The chapter “Contemporary Heritage” reveals Pomellato’s very personal interpretation of the history of Milan, in particular its famous medieval monument, the Sforza Castle. Taking inspiration from a 1972 choker necklace from his archives, Pomellato created 9 pieces of jewelry paying homage to both his creative heritage and Milan’s most imposing monument. The result of the reinterpretation of the original choker necklace by the master craftsmen of Pomellato, the Castello necklace displays a particularly daring neo-medieval look. The artisans of Pomellato decided to use a particularly original “reverse setting” for the captivating precious stones of Castello jewelry; a way to enhance their sharp angles while evoking the cut stones of the facade of the Sforza Castle. Pomellato named this unique and ingenious type of paving stone “bossage”. Drawing inspiration from architecture, Pomellato uses precious stones with perfectly defined edges and domed centers to express power and invincibility.

The “Creativity on Stage” chapter celebrates chains, a flagship product inseparable from the history of the house. Pomellato pushes the limits of these chains, the cornerstone of its expertise in goldsmithing, with three sumptuous chain necklaces paying homage to La Scala creativity. Each necklace is distinguished by chains with reinvented proportions and diamond settings with redesigned techniques. The result is an ironic and irreverent take on classic jewelry chains. The stunning Lirica asymmetrical necklace is made up of links in the form of strips of different sizes falling like the draperies of the curtains of La Scala. The larger link is set with differently cut diamonds arranged in a seemingly random but masterfully textured pattern.

Terrazza Duomo jewelry condenses all Milanese creativity. Pomellato deconstructed the white marble facade of the Duomo of Milan in order to reveal its elementary geometric shapes and create 4 earrings, 2 bracelets and 1 choker necklace of pure elegance. By extrapolating the essential forms of this masterpiece of 14th-century Gothic architecture, Pomellato demonstrated the intellectual rigor and timeless nature of his design philosophy.