Pequignet : “Time  of colours”

The Royale Saphir from PEQUIGNET illuminates its latest collection, titled “Time of Colours,” with a vibrant spectrum of hues. Representing a harmonious blend of colors, the collection introduces five limited and numbered models, totaling 50 units. The Royale Saphir, a distinguished symbol of high horology by PEQUIGNET, reveals its innovative side with the inclusion of five new captivating shades: Amber, Yellow, Ruby Red, Jade Green, Topaz Blue, and Lapis-Lazuli Blue.

Debuted in 2019, the Royale Saphir collection was conceived to showcase the mesmerizing Calibre Royal®, visible through the transparent sapphire dial. This exceptional movement stands out as the sole high horology movement designed and crafted in France, solidifying PEQUIGNET’s status as a unique French high horology Manufacture.

The “Time of Colours” collection, featuring its five novel shades, is an exciting addition to the earlier “Ombres et Lumières” collection. Drawing inspiration from the enchanting color palette of precious gemstones, the “Time of Colours” collection derives its names from these exceptional gems: Amber, Ruby, Jade, Topaz, and Lapis-Lazuli. This exquisite color scheme seamlessly integrates with the watch’s design, serving as a subtle homage to the sapphire dial that makes this model truly unique.

As a manifestation of PEQUIGNET’s ‘artist-engineer’ philosophy, this exquisitely hued collection epitomizes a technological triumph. The ‘Time of Colours’ skillfully integrates subtle color variations throughout every facet of the timepiece: from the alligator strap and dial to the case, hands, date, and moonphase discs, creating a refined and sophisticated ‘color block’ effect!

A remarkable horological feat, the Royale Saphir ‘Time of Colours’ showcases a 42mm diameter case, with the polished steel component undergoing a technical DLC treatment. This process is a testament to PEQUIGNET’s dedication to precision and innovation.

In the pursuit of precise color rendition, PEQUIGNET has pioneered an exclusive and groundbreaking process, ensuring unparalleled craftsmanship for this extraordinary timepiece. Employing cathodic spraying, the metallic elements of the watch receive a nuanced and flawless coloring. The case finishing remains impeccable and the treatment exhibits exceptional resistance, underscoring the brand’s commitment to excellence.

The dial of the Royale Saphir captivates with a play of contrasts and transparencies, serving as a canvas that highlights the poetic moon phase complication and the substantial 88-hour power reserve. Notably, it features a sizable double window that elegantly showcases the remarkable day and big date instantaneous jump complication.

At the heart of the Royale Saphir beats the Calibre Royal®, heralding a renaissance in French horological excellence. This unique mechanism is the pioneer and sole French-made movement to seamlessly integrate all its complications on a single plate. Its inception resulted in the filing of eight international patents and incorporates over 350 components, all meticulously sourced within an 80-kilometer radius of Morteau.

Universally acclaimed for its performance, precision, and design, the Calibre Royal® is likened to a ‘French garden’ by discerning Japanese watch enthusiasts. In the spirit of PEQUIGNET’s tradition, ‘Time of Colours’ masterfully amalgamates design and technique to craft timepieces that stand as a testament to uniqueness.

Crafted and assembled in France at the Morteau Manufacture, the watches of the Royale Saphir ‘Time of Colours’ collection distinguish themselves through their elegance and contemporary design. This collection is poised to enchant aesthetes and aficionados of distinctive timepieces alike.

Launching in December 2023, the new ‘Time of Colours’ collection embodies PEQUIGNET’s perspective on time: distinctly French, liberating, and unrestrained. The Royale Saphir ‘Time of Colours’ is available for individual purchase or in sets of two, three, or five watches, providing a platform for personalized customization.

This exceptional model is housed in an extraordinary case. The Royale Saphir ‘Time of Colours’ will be presented in magnificent white lacquered wooden boxes specially crafted for this edition.