New collection “Passages” by Mathon Paris

During the haute couture week in Paris, I discovered the new collection “Passages” of the house Mathon Paris which is written like the first chapter of a bucolic stroll to the capital. Today I take you for a stroll rhythm by the galleries and secret passages of Paris.

A source of inspiration for the Maison’s creations since 1931, Paris and its out-of-the-ordinary places are back at the heart of the creations of Mathon Paris. In this new reading of the Art Deco style, the baguette-cut hard stone replace the fine stones, bringing a new identity to the collection. The material combinations create a contrast of texture, bringing a real play of light between the 3 lines that make up the collection. The geometrical aesthetics is preserved but the lines are redesigned, more in length and in volume, more intense and contrasted colors , with a redesigned architectural spirit.

It is by strolling along the boulevard Montmartre that we begin our visit by the passage Verdeau. A neo-classical style, a luminous gallery, elegant, which possesses one of the most beautiful glass canopy of Paris. The Verdeau passage in the 9th arrondissement inspired Mathon to create this line of affordable jewelery, a clever mixture of chic and tradition.

The 3 versions of the Verdeau line play on the variations of shades and colors between lacquers and diamonds.3 versions for 3 styles:

  • orange and purple for a chic look,
  • blue and green for a touch of summer freshness,
  • rose and red for a pop and feminine style.

The pieces are small, set with diamonds and lacquers, colored and easy to wear everyday.

Let’s continue our summer walk with the Galerie Vivienne, its beautiful neo-classical wooden facades, the mosaic floor signed by Giandomenico Facchina and its luminous and imposing glass canopy. The Vivienne line, with Art Deco motifs, plays on reflections of matter. The warm-colored colorama alternates with tiger-tiger rods and malachite patterns. The malachite veins associated with the tiger-eye’s shimmering give a woody and textured look like the interior façades of the gallery. These associations of materials with geometric patterns remind, moreover, the mosaic of the parterre of the gallery.

Let’s finish our walk in the Passage des Panoramas, which in 1799 was the first covered passage of Paris. The pieces of this line are chic and luminous thanks to the maquetry of mother-of-pearl, openly inspired by the canopy that illuminates the whole passage. The tapered straight lines echo the architecture of the passage. The Panoramas line is structured around large volumes in different shades of white. The rigid bracelet, the earrings and the ring are of very contemporary shape and bring a touch of light.