Muguet de mai

Lily of the valley is from Japan and it blooms from late April to early May. The ancient Greeks thought the thrush was created by Apollo, to upholster the ground, so that its nine muses do not damage the feet. Lily of the valley has become the emblematic flower of Labor Day. In France it is customary to offer a sprig of lily of the valley on 1 May.This tradition comes from the Renaissance when Charles IX offered in 1561 as lucky at each court ladies by saying “Let it be done so every year.” This pretty custom has spread so rapidly across the country.

Broche Muguet de Verdura ©

At the Belle Epoque, the French fashion designers offered May 1 a sprig of lily of the valley to their staff and their clients. Christian Dior made the emblem of his fashion house. In France, there is a tradition that a sprig of lily of the valley with 13 bells bring good luck.

To wish you a happy 1st May, I found some jewelery which take lily of valley pattern with bells pearls or diamonds. Although jewelers often reinterpret the flowers in their creations, lily of the valley is not really very successful. Lydia Courteille or Suzanne Syz, give us a very beautiful version of lily of valley in their creations. Personally I love the entire collection of Lalique Muguet. Rings, earrings, necklaces or brooches … so with all that May 1 will be really bright and precious. Happy 1st May to all!


Van Cleef & Arpels

Lydia Courteille


Suzanne Syz