Discovering Pearls and Mother-of-Pearl at ING

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to participate in the training course “Discovering Pearls and Mother-of-Pearl” at the National Gemology Institute(ING) in Paris. Having always been passionate about pearls, I was eager to dive into this fascinating and elegant world. This three-day training, combining theory and practice, promised a total immersion into the world of pearls. So, how was this dive into a Sparkling World?

From the very first day, we were welcomed by gemology experts who shared their extensive knowledge with us. The theoretical part covered a wide range of topics, from the history of fine pearls to modern techniques of cultivation and imitation. I discovered that each pearl is unique, not only because of its origin and producer but also due to the environment in which it is created. The different types of pearls, their historical, cultural, and economic contexts were particularly captivating. Pearls come from various regions around the world, such as Tahiti, Japan, Australia, and China. The subtle differences and unique beauties of each type of pearl are absolutely fascinating. Specific terms from the world of pearls, such as Mabé, Késhi, or blister, became clear to me.

The practical part of the training course, which lasted for two days, was even more exciting. We had the opportunity to observe and handle various pearls under the supervision of our instructor, a specialist in Tahitian pearls. Weighing, calibrating, and grading these pearls for their color and luster was a new and enriching experience. Using professional tools for these analyses truly transformed my perception of pearls and showed me the precision required in this profession. The last day was partly dedicated to creation. We learned stringing techniques and crafted necklaces. To conclude, we also learned how to drill a pearl.

This training course is open to everyone and allows anyone to dive into the fascinating world of pearls and mother-of-pearl. ING offers this training on their Paris and Lyon campuses throughout the year. Check the next sessions on the ING website. Participate in the “Pearls and Mother-of-Pearl” training course if you want to learn more about the beauty and complexity of pearls and let yourself be enchanted by their glow, just like I was.

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