Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair 2019

The 64th edition of the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair took place from 10 till 14 of September 2019 at IMPACT Muang Thong Thani. This edition was held under the theme of “Thailand’s Magic Hands: The Spirit of Jewelry Making”. The Bangkok Gems and Jewelry Fair is an international gem and jewelry trading platform which offers a stage for Thai entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and designers to present the best gem and jewelry products to international markets. For many years Thailand has been a leader in manufacturing and trading in jewelry sector internationally recognized for its unique high quality, creative designs and the use of new technology. The last edition reunited 1030 exhibitors in 2113 booths.The countries like: Hong Kong, Turkey, Singapore, India, Japan, China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Poland held the international pavilions during this year edition.

Highlights of the 64th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair

This year visitors enjoyed new product showcases and creative exhibits like The New Faces which presented 160 Thai jewelry manufacturers and designers with intricate craftsmanship from across the country. This was a given opportunity to support young designers and entrepreneurs who have potential to expand into international markets.

The Niche brought to attention unique jewelry of emerging themes which are the target markets and included 5 groups:

  • High Jewelry: Rare jewelry pieces from the past
  • Heritage & Craftsmanship: Jewelry with an emphasis on culture and craftsmanship
  • Spiritual Power: Jewelry of belief and opulence
  • Luxe Men: Jewelry for men
  • Beyond Jewelry: Lifestyle items decorated with metals and precious stones

The great collaboration between “Lotus Arts De Vivre”, the brand’s original jewelry and home decorations as well as “Half Caste Creations”, a custom motorcycle, have co-created the one and only work of art for two years. The masterpiece of KETO motorcycle is a combination of two unique brands – classic motorcycle decorated with 7 kilograms of silver with dragon fish head from Greek mythology.

There were also 5 activities arranged with the cooperation of the Thai Goldsmith Association as follows:

1) Invisible setting by Ajarn Yongyut Ratanapanya

2) Gold belt weaving by representatives from Baan Thong Som Samai

3) Carving techniques for amulets by Ajarn Bunsin Phrommosik

4) Niello filling for jewelry by Mama Style

5) Cold enamelling by Jittarat RungChao

23 designers who have participated in the Designers’ Room and Talent Thai projects were present at The Jewellers exhibition. This activity was aimed at promoting and offering an opportunity for commercial promotion of designer jewelry.

IDZ Innovation and Design Zone was divided into 3 areas : Innovation and Design Showcase , Innovation and Design Bazaar and Creative Industry to demonstrate the potential of Thai innovation.

Visitors could also attend various seminars and workshops during this tradeshow. Stunning Fashion Show in the end of first day featured the jewels from company like Pranda Jewelry, Der Mond, Beauty Gems, Meng seng and Taewika by K&N Gems.

Our bejeweled discoveries at fair

During 5 days at Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair we have seen many interesting brands and below are some of them which really caught our attention.

Tamas Jewelry – luxury jewelry house, which focuses on magnificent designs and excellent craftsmanship. This stunning Double Heart ring with two heart-cut yellow diamonds set in gold with double diamonds hallo is one of novelties from high jewelry collection.

Der Mond – a contemporary Thai-International jewelry brand founded in 1992 by a third-generation of Thai-Chinese jeweler and goldsmith. Based in the heart of Bangkok, Der Mond has established its reputation as a trustworthy jewelry brand with high standard and its modernized classic designs.

Founded in 1973, PRANDA GROUP is Thailand’s leading fine jewelry manufacture recognized for its refined jewelry craftsmanship and articulate entrepreneurial skills. In 1992, Pranda Group set out to develop a new pinnacle in purity for gold jewelry so it was the birth of Prima Gold, absolute pure gold jewelry in 24K.

Mind Leena brand of peranakan jewelry from sud of Thailand is based in Satun. During 64 th of BKK Gems & Jewelry Fair, they showed new collection of engagement rings in gold with diamonds inspired by old and vintage jewelry.

Charisma Gems was founded in 2003. Combining the sweet nature, beautiful form and colorful exterior, the flower is the biggest inspiration in all their collections. The smooth and vivid colors of the stones make the jewels by Charisma Gems look very natural.

Since 1977 Blue River creates the jewelry with classic invisible setting and stunning pave with exquisite gemstones. This brooch from Spirit Blossom Collection with 3 beautiful baroque pearls and “tremblant” technique in the middle of the flower catch our eye.

La Gandara is Bangkok based jewelry brand inspired by French painter Antonio de la Gandara. Sutat Sukcharoen use free form of opals, beautiful star sapphires, garnets and rubies. Often inspired by Thai Flore, he mixes the precious metal with diamonds and colored gemstones.

The family-owned Beauty Gems is an award-wining gem and jewelry manufacturer that has grown from a small business founded in 1964 to a global firm whose reputation today is second to none.

The 65th Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair will be held from February 25 to 29, 2020 at Challenger Halls 1-3, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani.