The new High Jewelry collection by De Beers: The Alchemist of Light, Chapter 2

Following the launch in January of the first chapter of its collection of High Jewelery The Alchemist of Light, De Beers continues its exploring the natural elemental magic of light and presents five new sets for Haute Couture week from Paris. This new chapter unveils the striking Dusk adornments Reflection, Ascending Shadows, Midnight Aura, Optical Wonder and Frozen Capture, who explore and interpret light with the most great inventiveness.

“The Alchemist of Light High Jewelry collection is the collection the most ambitious from a creative and technical point of view that we have ever conceived and created”

Céline Assimon, CEO of De Beers Jewellers.

This new collection consists of 45 unique pieces with exceptional white and fancy diamonds that capture the moment when sunlight pierces through the sky in the early morning. There are many elements that push the boundaries of creation. Removable elements or transformable parts, the use of titanium and aluminum in shades of pink or blue, chrysoprase cabochons or rock crystal patterns, this new collection is an artistic marvel and a real technical feat. . Each piece is as lovely as it is extraordinary.

Dusk Reflection

The Dusk Reflection line, available in a palette of pink and white, draws its inspiration from the setting sun, whose soft radiance floods the horizon. These four creations take up De Beers’ iconic Enchanted Lotus motif, a flower associated with the sun, which blooms during the day, finds refuge in the water at nightfall, before emerging full of freshness in the early morning. Sensual and feminine, these pieces are adorned with brilliant-cut white diamonds, set in rose gold and white gold settings. . The radial satin finish gives the gold a brushed effect that enhances its shine.

Ascending Shadows

The Ascending Shadows set is a creative take on how layered surfaces play dramatically with light and shadow. Pushing the boundaries of style and history, the Ascending Shadows line consists of seven dramatic pieces, featuring architectural shapes and striking hues. The ingenious use of anodized titanium and coated aluminum in shades of pink, blue and green creates innovative surfaces that beautifully showcase rare diamonds in pink and gray hues, as well as rough diamonds greens and pink-brown.

Midnight Aura

Midnight Aura draws its inspiration from green clouds of stardust reflecting the enigmatic cosmos through a variation of white diamonds. Black rhodium provides the perfect backdrop for brilliant and princess-cut white diamonds, some of which are innovatively set on African green chrysoprase cabochons. Inspired by the concepts of continuity and connection, this set, composed of five pieces, offers multiple sizes of diamonds set using different techniques, reflecting the mystical cosmos. The necklace is articulated so precisely and delicately that it seems to be made of fabric. Both rings are inspired by the concepts of continuity and connection.

Optical Wonder

The Optical Wonder set is inspired by geometric patterns creating optical illusions, like the Op Art movement. Bold, contrasting lines, created from pavé diamonds and colored aluminum, cast beams of reflected and refracted light, drawing the eye to sumptuous central diamonds. In order to be more in line with the Op Art movement, some pieces are monochromatic, while others display vibrant colors.

Frozen Capture

Ice and diamonds are imbued with the same pure beauty. Inspired by the play of light on a frozen river, the Frozen Capture set includes six pieces remarkable for their artistic virtuosity and their diamond expertise. For the first time in a De Beers creation, a set is adorned with rock crystal from Brazil. Cut specifically for this project, the material was also used to set the diamonds. The sumptuous necklace is a true symbol of immaculate perfection. Brilliant cut diamonds alternate with crystal squares, all set in polished white gold to create a translucent mirror effect. Next is a row of marquise-cut diamonds and an incredible 20.10-carat pear-shaped Flawless diamond from De Beers’ Natural Works of Art collection that can be removed. The cuff and ear jewelery play the card of modernity and consist of crystal squares on which rest delicately cut white diamonds. Both rings are adorned with diamonds from the De Beers Natural Works of Art collection. The round ring was convex cut from a single piece of crystal, then engraved with squares to reproduce the aesthetic codes of the immaculate ice theme.