Sieraad 2019

The 18th edition of the international art jewelry fair, the Sieraad Art Fair took place from 7 to 10 November 2019. The historic site of Westerpark in Amsterdam sheltered from 1880 a gas factory. At the beginning of the 21st century, it was converted into a living cultural village in the heart of Amsterdam. This artistic haven surrounded by greenery brings together every year the creators of artistic jewelry and jewelers from all over the world. The valuable selection of exhibitors was made by organizers Astrid Berens and Maarten Bodt. So, Amsterdam, fresh and rainy at the beginning of November, is it worth to pay a trip for jewelry lovers?

I heard about this event since longtime. It was time to make my own opinion. I was first curious to know how this art fair dedicated to jewelry opened to the public has managed to make such an important place on the international scene. And I think I understood! The place is atypical and beautifully showcased, the creators are welcoming, happy and busy clients at each stand are in search of buying favorite piece. The selection is eclectic, both by geographical origins and creative worlds. Spread over more than 100 stands, the designers come from Asia (Japan, China, Korea, India), America (United States, Chile), Europe (Portugal, United Kingdom, France, Switzerland, Romania, Italy, Spain, Germany), and of course the Netherlands with a very fine national representation of jewelers. The jewels are of very high quality, handmade and composed of precious metals, enamel, diamonds, perfect pearls or colored gems. The original materials are also highlighted by passionate artists, such as the driftwood of the beaches of Iceland, ceramics, plastic found on the beaches of France, glass, textile or resin. In addition to this event, there is a glimpse of the “Drag Power” exhibition, the many conferences and readings on today’s jewels, all of which come together with great professionalism and in a spirit of open mind and sharing.

But here is my favorite selection of the show. First of all, contemporary jewelery, which I finally evoke very little, but which is very well represented at the Sieraad Art Fair. I admired a lot two designers in particular, Jillian Moore and Raluca Buzura. The first came from the United States and works the resin in layers of joyful and yummy colors for an amazing result.

The second presented her new collection “She” in the powder pink tone and inspired by the woman and her intimate world.

As for precious jewels, I was delighted to meet those I already follow on Instagram for a while and to discover those I didn’t know yet.

The creations of Sarah Kobak are distinguished by an exceptional choice of stones, bezel setting on a textured ring body and a technique of granulation, for the result light, refined, modern and feminine at the same time. In gold or silver, everything is done by Sarah at her workshop shop in Zaandijk. I support the approach of this jeweler who proposes to expose the jewels of other creators in her boutique.

Sanne Bogers and Heleen Hoogenboom have been working hand-in-hand since 2015. Their brand, Hoogenboom & Bogers based in Bilthoven, showcases the distinct but complementary worlds of the designer duo. I could admire two of their collections, “Threads of Life” and “Synergy”, composed of unique pieces in yellow gold, set with pearls of exceptional luster, beautiful opals or sublime tourmalines.

Nicoline Van Boven seduced me with romantic display of jewelry inspired by the rose. Her creations with silver petals, golden scrolls and pastel colors of her stones, have been beautifully showcased in a window decorated with roses, old greeting cards and words of love.

Natalie Hoogeveen likes to travel to get her gemstones directly at the mine. She recently started adding opals in her creations, for my pleasure. I fell in love with these earrings with opals, green tourmaline and gold leaf. This Dutch designer combines gold, silver, enamel and porcelain for a modern and trendy look.

Tove Rygg, born in Norway and based in Switzerland, works with white, yellow and pink gold, platinum, silver and stainless steel that she associates with gems. Her signature is the precious metal wire worked as a textile fiber. She has been using this technique for more than 20 years.

Aletta Teunen transcribes the Dutch landscape in her jewels. Her hometown, Amsterdam, inspires his gold and silver jewelry. This silver bracelet with an amethyst cameo in the center represents the architecture of the capital of Holland.

So much diversity and talent condensed in this old factory, as well as touching personalities behind each artistic direction, make this show a rich event not to be missed. This is an excellent opportunity to combine travel with the passion for jewels. The Sieraad Art Fair will be back next year. The 19th edition will take place from 5 to 8 November 2020.