Ondes et Merveilles by Chaumet

Since its creation in 1780, Maison Chaumet has drawn its inspiration from the elements of nature. Water plays a major role here. However, this is the first time in its history that Chaumet has dedicated an entire Haute Joaillerie collection to the sea. Baptized Ondes et Merveilles de Chaumet, it invites you to travel, varying the horizons to better tell the story of the sea in all its states.

With the Ondes et Merveilles de Chaumet collection, the craftsmen of the 12 Vendôme workshop are once again honoring the jewelery know-how of which they are the guardians and transmitters. Their virtuosity, which is illustrated in the art of capturing the marine element in all its forms, extends the close ties uniting the House to the sea. A magnificent journey, reflecting the stones that express all the shades of the seas, to be discovered in three chapters: Waves in motion, Shores from above and A thousand and one sea dwellers.

Perfectly in tune with today’s women, the House’s signatures, such as the headpiece, the you & me ring and the tiara, are reinvented for new contemporary wear. Competing in technicality and femininity, the convertible pieces allow you to vary styles: the headpiece becomes a brooch, the long necklace adjusts close to the neck and the covering earring offers two ways to wear it.

Waves in motion

True to the Maison’s distinctive style, the “On the Water’s Surface”, “Gulfstream” and “Breaking Wave” jewellery sets evoke a vast sea in motion as a true ode to life.

“On the water’s surface” set captures the lapping of a sea caressed by the waves. To evoke these infinite transparencies on the surface of the water, the marquise diamonds are transformed into sparkling drops. Set on several levels, they vibrate on a fully articulated necklace, magnified by a removable 7.18-carat pear-shaped diamond. Diamonds and white gold palmettes transform into sparkling reflections between full and empty spaces.

Inspired by the Gulf Stream, this ocean current from Florida warming the seas it crosses, the Gulfstream set combines cold and warm colors, in two tones: green and blue, orange and blue. A 26-carat mint-green emerald from Colombia expresses its personality through contact with a sapphire from Madagascar on a wavy necklace set with sapphires, so-called Paraiba tourmalines and emeralds. A masterful combination in homage to the Maison’s emblematic art of colour.

Shores from above

Between sea and land, the “Ports of Call”, “Golden Pebbles” and “Under the Sun” jewellery sets draw the Maison’s gaze to the shore.

Inspired by suspended moment, in port or in a cove, when the sails are lowered and the engines cut, the Ports of call set illustrates the art of color beloved by the Maison. On a choker necklace, a row of spinels of an exceptional brick red call sapphires evoking translucent waters.

Like a demonstration of goldsmithing, one of Chaumet’s signature, the Golden Pebbles set transports you to the shore, where the pebbles licked by wavelets shimmer under the sun. Textured with tiny grooves, pink gold blends with white gold, in which the diamonds in a descending setting draw the water streaming over the mineral. The softness of peach-blossom morganites extends into the pavé of Padparadscha sapphires.

Radiant with tangy hues, the Under the sun set tells the story of life on the beach, with its procession of activities and relaxation. Between Art Deco and fun, jewelry plays full and empty spaces. Available in red, green or blue, three watches with Creative Complication invite an epicurean reading of time and evoke precious parasols and fruit cocktails.

A thousand and one sea dwellers

With “Mermaids’ Song”, “Comets from the sea”, “Treasure Hunt” and “Inks”, the Maison pays tribute to the dwellers of the sea and the treasures they carefully watch over.

Ondes et Merveilles by Chaumet could not talk about the sea without imagining a 21st century mermaid set. Seductive like its muse, Mermaid’s song set does not intend to cause shipwrecks, but to captivate those around it. Evidenced by a sumptuous necklace on which intertwine Tahitian pearls with green reflections and tourmalines almost linden, including a cushion of 23.79 carats.

In keeping with the House’s pearling tradition, the “Comets from the sea” set brings together the stars of the sky and the sea. The fine pearls, with light grey, mauve and olive shades that interact on creations featuring multicoloured stars crowned with Padparadscha sapphire .

Like a treasure hunt revealing its jewels, the aptly named set offers a great dive into a vibrant and inspiring sea. Decorated with chrysoprase branches and paved with tsavorite garnets, purple and pink sapphires and emeralds, the brooch, ring and earrings capture the coral reef.

Illustrating the step aside that Chaumet is fond of, the unisex brooches of the Inks set playfully divert the symbols that sailors get tattooed. Composed of successive shots, each element of which is arranged to the micromillimeter, each becomes a stage in its own right on which a complete story is played out. “Love is an adventure”, “Don’t forget me” or “Love guides me”, each brooch hides a bail that reveals itself at will, to accommodate a gold chain and turn into a necklace inspired.