Feb Jewelry Design

During my recent trip to Istanbul I had the pleasure of meeting Fatoş Erdem Bayram, founder of Feb Jewelry Design. Today she unveils the inspirations behind her timeless creations, the cultural influences that shape her work, and her unique approach to jewelry design. Dive into the world of a true artist and discover the passion and creativity that define her brand.


Can you tell us about your journey into the jewelry industry? What inspired you to start this career?

My journey into the jewelry industry started in the 15th century Manisa Sina Bey Madrasa, where I made charcoal drawings from a live model. My jewelery journey began with the offer I received from Archaeologist Altan Türe, who turned the madrasa into a handicraft center and ran the jewelery houses. What inspired me was that I could transfer my thoughts and feelings to metal. It was very impressive for me.

Why and when you created your own jewelry brand Feb Jewelry Design and what is your inspiration?

Feb Jewelry Design was founded on March 14, 2021. In 2019, my mentor Cosimo Vinci asked me to design a logo. At that moment, I designed a logo with the first letters of my name, but I did not know that it meant February in Italian. Cosimo Vinci found this interesting coincidence very pleasant. Although my goal was not to create a logo with the first letters of my name, over time, the brand chose its name as all the beginnings coincided with February…  As a company, the installation actually fell in February, but since we were in the Covid process, I wanted to carry out the installation on March 14, Medicine Day, out of gratitude to the healthcare community.

How would you describe your design aesthetic or style? What sets your designs apart from others?

I attach great importance to the fact that my jewelry is timeless and always wearable. Having a story and not having a gender element are the distinguishing factors. Being elegant and ergonomic are the elements I pay particular attention to. I don’t do anything that I don’t feel affected by.

What materials do you primarily work with, and why? Are there any particular materials that hold significance in your designs?

My favorite materials are gold and silver. Materials used since ancient times. I see its timelessness as a very upright stance against fashion. And it’s always valuable… Precious stones and colored stones are my favorite materials, and enamel work is something that impresses me a lot. I also love transparent works.

Turkey has a rich history in jewelry making. How does Turkish culture inspire or influence your designs?

Turkish culture is a very rich culture and I am a designer inspired by the lands I live in. I have a collection inspired by Turkish culture that I have not produced yet. Turkish culture, Turkey’s political structure, nature, national holidays, mosques, everything can influence and inspire. Feb Jewelry’s first collection, Denis&Deniz, is a story inspired by French sailors and from there to Istanbul (Den-Is) and Izmir (Den-Iz). With my love for the sea, I researched and worked with great pleasure. Also Captain Cousteau  was one of the scientists I watched with interest when I was little.


Can you share insights into your creative process?  Where do you draw inspiration from when designing new pieces?

Everything I can feel inspires me. I can create very elegant things by being inspired by nature, history, architecture, mythology, religious concepts, my anxieties, my anger, and even hurtful situations. This is why I saw it as a profession. One day, my teacher Altan Türe, who saw the ring I made in the workshop and wore, said, looking at my ring, you are very confused… I was very impressed by being able to reflect my thoughts and feelings on metal. Suddenly everything became clear. From that day on, all I thought about was, I have to do this job. My design process is, if I feel it, I start thinking, then we live together for a while, sometimes for a long time. Just like pregnancy… It grows and grows inside me, sometimes it takes a very long time, but when it completes its maturation, it is born on its own. I am waiting for that time patiently. In this way, more natural, more beautiful and unforced results emerge. In a sense, it’s like doing what you feel.

What do you hope people feel or experience when wearing your jewelry?

I want people to feel good and be happy when they wear my jewelry. One of my goals is for them to experience that it is a piece of jewelry that expresses themselves. In the slim ring I designed, I even left the choices to the user so that the wearer could contribute to the design in multiple uses.

Social media and online platforms have changed how designers connect with their audience. How do you leverage these tools to showcase your work and engage with your audience?

Social media and online platforms have changed the ways we connect, of course. Instagram is a good platform for me to showcase my work. This is how we can interact with the target audience. I can also make referrals to my stores on different platforms via Instagram. In this sense, Instagram is very useful.

Could you share any upcoming projects or collections you’re excited about?

Doing collective projects, serving the whole, carrying out joint projects with non-governmental organizations and contributing to joint projects excites me and makes me happy. I am currently preparing for such a project.


What advice would you give to aspiring jewelry designers, particularly those interested in incorporating cultural elements into their work?

Designers’ inclusion of cultural elements in their work means that they create works that have a story, experience, past and also future. Türkiye is particularly rich in this regard.

Finally, where can our audience find and purchase your designs?

Visit my website www.febjewelry.com to discover my collections. All available pieces you can find at my e-shop. Also, I offer international shipping for the purchase so I hope you will enjoy and adapt my designs. You can also follow me on Instagram @febjewelry.design