Color of the year 2021

At the end of December 2020 Institut Pantone announced the color of the year 2021. Goodbye to Classic Blue of 2020 and welcome to the two new colors: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. The duo of independent colors that conveys a message of strength and hope will be in vogue in 2021.

This is not the first time that the two tones have been chosen. In 2016 two pastels Serenity and Rose Quartz were elected the colors of the year. It’s not the first time that yellow and gray have been the lucky winners of the year, but it’s the first time that these two have been together.

This year these two colors highlight how the different elements combine to support each other, expressing the mood of the Pantone color of the year 2021. The need to be seen, recognized and heard is underlined by these colors.

PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is a bright, cheerful yellow sparkling with liveliness, a warm yellow hue imbued with solar energy. Yellow is also the color of Gen Z because it is defined as Gender Neutral. Gen Zs need exclusivity without compromise.

PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray is iconic of strong, reliable elements that are timeless and provide a solid foundation. The colors of the pebbles on the beach and the natural elements whose weathered appearance highlights an ability to stand the test of time, quietly ensures Ultimate Gray.

As people seek clarity and hope to overcome lingering uncertainty, the union of Ultimate Gray + Illuminating is a sign of positivity. These colors sending the promise of something sunny and friendly. Strong as a rock, warming and optimistic like the sun, gray and yellow carry the message of happiness and courage for the next twelve months.

Let’s take a close look at how these colors can be expressed in the jewelry and watchmaking industry. Precious metals like silver, white gold, platinum, palladium, are perfect for illustrating Ultimate Gray. The warmth of yellow gold illuminates each creation. The marriage of the two will perhaps give the flowering of two-tone pieces. This union is perfect in watchmaking creations or wedding rings and the novelties of 2021 will surely be inspired by these two tones.

Grey and yellow can be achieved through the use of enamel or lacquer. As for precious stones, the choice is unfortunately a little more limited. Grey gemstones are few in number. Tahitian pearls, grey mother-of-pearl, grey diamond, grey moonstone, agate or grey spinel come in the shade of Ultimate Gray.

For its part, the yellow shade is more present. Yellow diamond, citrine, yellow sapphire, heliodor, hessonite, rutile quartz, agate, amber, chrysoberyl, golden pearl and even opal will be perfect for immortalizing Illuninating .

Finally, here you are my selection of jewelry and watches that will be perfect if you are looking for a creation in the colors of the year 2021.

Karine Chedid
Adeline Cacheux
Compagnie des Gemmes

Insolite Joaillerie
Goralska Joaillerie
Alexia Gryllaki

Maitia Paris