Art in Jewels

Step into a realm where poetry meets precision – the world of Art in Jewels by the remarkable Anne Carly Abad. In the heart of Manila, this poet-turned-jewelry-artist has crafted an exquisite collection now showcased at Flying Solo Paris, 43 Rue Étienne Marcel. Join me in discovering the fusion of poetry and precious craftsmanship that makes each piece a masterpiece in wearable art.

In early 2015, Anne delved into jewelry-making using copper and silver, featuring gemstones like citrine, moonstone, amethyst, garnet, and her obsession, jade. The weighty, cool touch of jade fascinated her, leading her to collect various jade types and gemstones during her travels. Anne’s passion grew, and she started stringing beads into creations, gaining popularity among colleagues. Establishing Art in Jewels in 2016, she offered customizable natural gemstone jewelry. Art in Jewels evolved from a hobby to a thriving enterprise in 2017, becoming a small design house focused on wearable art.

In 2017, Anne Carly Abad became “Poet of the Year” at the Nick Joaquin Literary Awards. A former painter, she shifted to jewelry, blending her love for the fantastic with science fiction and poetry. Anne’s diverse literary works, spanning haiku to novels, gained global recognition. In 2022, her speculative poetry collection “We’ve Been Here Before” was published by Aqueduct Press, earning a 2023 Elgin Awards nomination.

As an artist and gemstone collector, Anne naturally transitioned to jewelry design. Using design as a medium, she expresses and meditates on memories, experiences, and realizations. Described by longtime clients as having “poetic restraint,” her jewelry embodies careful intent and meaning, with each stone and line serving a purpose.

Anne’s artistry and the meaningful stories behind each piece turned Art in Jewels into a medium for expressing experiences. She captures ineffable beauty in unexpected moments, using personally selected gems to craft poetic and meaningful jewelry. In seven years, Anne released 14 jewelry collections with Art in Jewels.  The collection like  Warmth, Biomes , Secrets between us, Winsdom, Mystic, Celestia, Figment, Frolic or View from the Window, capture the essence of sublime beauty and transforms it into timeless fine art jewelry.

Before the 2019 pandemic, she exhibited in New York City with Metal & Smith. She produces two to four collections annually, including the recent “Fragments” and “Virtues” featuring rare gems like cornflower blue sapphire, tsavorite garnet, neon aquamarine, and pink Tanzanian sapphires.

Art in Jewels is a fusion of poetry and technical expertise, pushing the boundaries of design and artistry. The one-of-a-kind jewels, celebrating life and nature, feature exceptional gemstones at their core. Partnering with top gemologists and cutters, they bring to market beautiful stones and cutting-edge styles. Committed to uplifting local skill, Art in Jewels transcends trends, challenging the limits of Filipino design and craftsmanship. Ethical work conditions are paramount, respecting both their people and the environment. Join Art in Jewels in a journey where every jewel is a harmonious blend of creativity, expertise, and social responsibility.

If you are in Paris, take a walk to Flying Solo or visit the website to discover the unique and enchanting universe of Art in Jewels.