“1932” high jewelry collection by Chanel

Ninety years ago, Gabrielle Chanel created “Bijoux de Diamants”, the world’s first High Jewelry collection. In this sumptuous collection, she applied a fundamental principle to all her jewelry creations: giving women’s bodies freedom and adorning them at the same time. Ninety years after, the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio has drawn inspiration from the modern spirit of “Bijoux de Diamants” to create a new story.

“I wanted to return to the essence of 1932 and to harmonize the message around three symbols: the comet, the moon, and the sun. Each heavenly body shines with its own light.”

Patrice Leguéreau Director of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio

The “1932” High Jewelry collection is a voyage out of time and place to gaze up at the circling of the planets and the movements of the stars. From the legendary original collection, Patrice Leguéreau, Director of the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio, has retained the theme of the heavenly bodies, the purity of the lines and the freedom of the body. The perfect roundness of the diamonds endows the symbols with a form that is eternal, while their scintillation is enhanced and intensified by their rays. “1932” draws a new map of the heavens.

By revisiting the past to better project itself into the future, the CHANEL Fine Jewelry Creation Studio has invented living jewelry, in an osmotic relationship with the ever-changing rhythms of the body’s movements. Out of 77 spectacular creations, 13 are transformable, wrapping around and resting freely against the skin in a profusion of celestial bodies.

Sapphires as blue as the night, diamonds of intense blue or as yellow as the blazing sun, opals as deep and intricate as a galaxy, rubies of a vibrant red, spinels glowing like dawn, tanzanites with the color of the skies, the “1932” collection gives pride and place to colorful gemstones.

“I love everything that is above us: the heavens, the moon, I believe in the stars.”

Gabrielle Chanel

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