Books for Christmas 2021

Books for Christmas 2021


The Xmas is around the corner. So you run out of ideas how to spoil your loved ones don’t panic. I will help you to find the ideal present. Today I show you four beautiful publications. The book remains a safe choose when it comes to offering a gift for her, for him and why not to treat yourself too. Everyone can find something interesting in these recently released titles. Discover the beautiful stories of luxury houses, fine jewelry and breathtaking gems. In addition, a hint of perfume and a little touch of magic, those who love to read will be delighted to find one of these books under the Xmas tree.

Let's start with this first book dedicated to Buccellati. The internationally renowned Italian house presents 100 years of prestigious high-end jewelry and silver coins. House, founded in 1919 by Mario Buccellati, the brand has today reached the fourth generation of a family that has been totally dedicated to creating timeless jewelry and silver pieces, all inspired by the great Italian tradition of the Renaissance. 

An ode to light and a tribute to the virtuosity of jewelers, “L'Ame du bijou” from Flammarion editions offers a unique dual approach, photographic and textual, to bring us to the most intimate, to the purest of this unique art that is high jewelry. Designed with Maison Chaumet and illustrated with the most beautiful pieces from its historical and contemporary collections, this book is intended to be an art book that amazes and a reference work for understanding the art of jewelry.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the creation of the famous perfume N ° 5, the editions of Martinière are releasing a very beautiful two-volume book which traces the history of perfume and its international fame. The first volume is devoted to the beginnings of No. 5 from 1921 to 1945; the second with the exceptional influence of N ° 5, which has become a real worldwide phenomenon, from 1945 to the present day. Created in 1921 by Gabrielle Chanel, N ° 5 is one of the first perfumes made from synthetic components. Pauline Dreyfus tells the story of the evolution of perfume, its composition, its manufacture and its marketing, giving unprecedented access to the Chanel archives and a voice for those who are, today, responsible for perpetuating this fragrance.



 Finally, discover “The fabulous history of magic” by Isabelle Fougère, a beautiful book which is very well illustrated and well documented. Since Antiquity with the figures of Circe and Hecate, magic is present everywhere. Magicians and sorceresses, witches, illusionists to mentalists and spiritualists, they have enchanted each era with their spells and their tricks which have made the most rationalists of us shudder and turn all tables. Through characters as fascinating as they are mysterious, this magnificently illustrated book tells the marvelous story of practices and enchantments, in the discovery of the greatest magicians, witches and illusionists.  


Author: Aneta Blaszczak