Piaget reinterprets the Limelight Gala watch collection

Piaget reinterprets the Limelight Gala watch collection

Created in 1973, the Limelight Gala watch collection embodies the heritage of craftsmanship, creativity and fine watchmaking at Piaget and for decades it has been constantly reinventing itself. This year, to celebrate the magic of the extraordinary, Piaget reinterprets the iconic Limelight Gala range with a selection of exquisite precious stones and celestial gold. Timepieces remain authentic for Piaget's four pillars of excellence: the art of gold, the art of light, the art of light, the art of color and the art of movement.



The art of gold

Sparkling in the light, this new Piaget Limelight Gala Precious Sapphire gradient celebrates the signature design of the Limelight Gala collection with a bracelet and a gold dial engraved by hand which are highlighted by diamonds and blue sapphires set in a subtle blue gradient. The white gold bracelet presented one of Piaget's most emblematic motifs, which requires eight hours of work. The dial is also in white gold and is engraved using the same Palace Décor technique. To let the decor shine, the dial is covered with translucent blue enamel. It is baked several times in the oven at a temperature above 800 ° C, giving this technique the name of "Grand Feu" enamel.

The art of light

Three new High Jewelry Limelight Gala watches are joining the collection this year with superb oval dials paved with snow-set diamonds and a setting of marquise-cut stones on the bezel, lugs and bracelet. The marquise cut is an important part of Piaget's history. According to legend, the King of France Louis XV asked to cut a diamond in honor of the smile of his beloved Marquise de Pompadour.

The art of color

Three new models in aventurine glass join the Limelight Gala collection, showcasing the brand's love for the celestial sky above our heads. Each dial is made of aventurine glass, a magic material which takes its name from the Italian word avventura, which means "adventure".

Piaget Limelight Gala Haute Joaillerie Black Opal

This stunning creation of unique fine jewelry presents a dial fitted with a rare black Australian opal. Black opals are fascinating because they reflect a myriad of bright colors when they catch the light, like yellow, green, blue, orange and red. The Limelight Gala High Jewelery Black Opal highlights its black opal with the addition of brilliant-cut blue sapphires and a colorful range of marquise-colored gemstones that start with  sapphires first yellow followed by orange and  pink rubies in a gradual color gradient to create a piece of jewelry that celebrates the best of Earth's treasures.


Almost 60 years later, the Piaget Limelight Gala is more than a wristwatch. She is a female icon who has become a symbol of elegance and harmony.




Author: Aneta Blaszczak