Hermes: New watches for 2020

Hermès: New watches for 2020

Time, at Hermès, is also an object. From the tension that inhabits it, the house has made a singularity. Rather than measuring, the house dares another time, intended to arouse emotions and create spaces of fantasy. For 2020, the Parisian house is refining its codes, its watch models and shaping a unique time-taking. Goldsmiths' pieces, the new Hermès watches reinterpret the "Anchor Chain" motif at the origin of its creation. These timepieces highlight the shape in a subtle play of surfaces and diamonds to illuminate the case and reveal sparkling links on the dial.

CAPE COD Martelée

In 1991, the Cape Cod was born under the pencil of a famous designer Henri d'Origny, who was originally supposed to design a square watch. His creative freedom decides otherwise: it will be “a square in a rectangle”. Original as well as rigorous, the Cape Cod consists of two half-links "Anchor Chain", a famous motif created by Robert Dumas in 1938, inspired by a boat chain.

Today, this timeless icon for 30 years, lends its balanced forms to the hammering technique, an excellent jeweler's know-how. This complex process gives the steel case a material effect with a patinated appearance. The dial also hammered is covered with a thin layer of translucent lacquer, degraded from anthracite to black. All in depth and roughness, the raw and shaped material draws an object with an unexpected appearance. Finally, the Martelée Cape Cod combines its quirky temperament with a sober black calfskin strap, single or double turn. A unique piece with soft lines relives its new youth on the wrists of those who dare.

NANTUCKET Jeté de Chaîne d’Ancre

Like Cape Cod, Nantucket was also born in 1991, under the pencil of Henri d'Origny. Both original and rigorous, each one takes shape in its own way in the form of "Anchor Chain" whose half links make up the case. More slender than its contemporary and reduced in size, the Nantucket jewel watch radiates a light and sassy femininity. It lends itself elegantly to the joys of everyday life.
The new Nantucket watch plays with the “Anchor Chain” motif, imagined by Robert Dumas during a trip to the Normandy coast in 1938. His sketch, inspired by the chains connecting the boat to its anchor, first came to life in a bracelet before integrating the various trades of the house and becoming an authentic Hermès classic.
Here, the iconic "Anchor Chain" composes the rectangular steel case made in Hermès Horloger's workshops and illuminates it with its crimped links, thrown on an immaculate dial. Diamonds of various sizes form asymmetrical patterns for a fluid and light movement from the case to the dial. Playful, the feminine silhouette of this Very Small Model matches the choice of bracelets in bright colors of calfskin or alligator.




Author: Aneta Blaszczak