Rock Crystal

Rock Crystal

For some time now I have noticed that jewelery designers use rock crystal in both fine jewelery and high jewelery. So, let's take a closer look at the completely colorless stone that is very much in demand by industry professionals.
Boucle de cristal de roche

The name "krystallos" comes from the Greek and means "ice". The ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the rock crystal was an ice that did not melt because it was created by the gods. The rich Romans kept rock crystals as refreshment during the summer days, because this gem keeps the cold. For a very long time, rock crystal has been used as a crystal ball to predict the future or heal. Rock crystal is part of the quartz family. The silicon oxide that composes it is one of the basic minerals of our soil and also of our molecular structure. Some crystals contain various minerals in the form of inclusions such as rutile needles, tourmaline or chlorite flakes. The coloration of some specimens is due to the presence of traces of iron oxides, manganese, or inclusions of foreign minerals.


Catherine Gourgoury, Bague Victoire, or blanc, diamants blanc, spinelles noirs, perles de cultures d’ eau douce blanches, cristal de roche © Catherine Gourgoury

Catherine Gourgoury, Victoire ring, white gold, white diamonds, black spinels, white freshwater cultured pearls, rock crystal © Catherine Gourgoury

Quartz is one of the most common and inexpensive minerals because of its abundance. The best-known rock crystal deposits are in Brazil, Madagascar, the United States and the Alps. Easy to work, rock crystal is cut in all forms for jewelery, but it is also used to make decorative objects. Although it does not have the qualities of a diamond, a rock crystal can replace it.

Pot à bouquet en cristal de roche, monture or émaillé
Rock crystal bouquet pot, enameled gold setting

Already appreciated during the period "art deco", today it is again rediscovered. During the last edition of the biennale in September 2014 or last July during the sewing week, the Boucheron house has proposed creations with rock crystal. Chanel recently presented the new high jewelry collection "Chanel Talisman". In the series "Magnetic" we find creations such as the necklace, the brooch, the cuff, the ring and the earrings with cabochons of rock crystal. But it's not just the big houses from Place Vendôme that use it. Independent designers looking for atypical and original materials, are also looking for beautiful rock crystals. Notably I think of Noor Fares who presented in Paris during couture week his new collection "Atelier Mystique". Especially for the pendant "Noor El Amar", she used a rock crystal of 80 carats of a very good quality. The French designer, Catherine Gourgoury is also using crystal rocks in her rings. To finish my zoom on this colorless gemstone, I propose some images of jewels with rock crystals from here and elsewhere.

 Georges Fouquet, Collier Art Déco, 1925

Georges Fouquet, Necklace Art Déco, circa 1925

Chanel, Manchette "Magnétique" de la collection Les Talisman de Chanel

Chanel, cuff "Magnétique" from " Les Talismans de Chanel" collection

Noor Fares, Bague "Noor El Amar" de la collection Atelier Mystique

Noor Fares, "Noor El Amar" ring from Atelier Mystique collection


Author: Aneta Blaszczak